New Beginnings

  • 27 June 2016, 12:10

Hello! My name is Eilidh and for 2016/17 I will be in my fourth and FINAL year of my English degree here at Dundee, which is a very scary reality that I haven’t quite prepared myself for yet!During the summer months I stay up here in Dundee, despite being from Glasgow, as by now I have my own life settled up here with my flat, job, friends and boyfriend etc.  Although the relatively small size and quietness of Dundee took a bit of getting used to, it has definitely become my home over the past three years since that first move up here.

This month, my flatmates and I moved into our new flat for our final year which is basically the height of luxury compared to the place we were in for the past two years since leaving halls!  Our last flat was picked solely on the basis of proximity to campus (it actually took me le13466406_920581328051348_8594165785448113235_nss time to walk to classes from there than it did from Belmont, which is saying something) and our cluelessness with regards other parts of Dundee, and so it really did live up to many student flat stereotypes- i.e. freezing cold and falling apart.  But now, we have a beautiful two-story flat with a fireplace, bay windows, a proper garden and a PANTRY.  Basically, it’s a dream flat and we are now living in the very trendy West End area of town, surrounded by independent shops and art students galore (and, as a bonus, it is much quieter than being right near campus which will be beneficial come dissertation time).  It essentially feels like a completely different part of the city that I have y13501695_920581351384679_3749543818430550048_net to explore fully, despite only being a ten minute walk from our old flat, but I am loving it so far.

During this last 5month-long summer break (and throughout the year, really)  I’m aiming to make the most of student life and see and do as much as possible so hopefully there will be lots for me to keep you updated on- as well as my inevitable breakdowns as I approach graduation and real adulthood!


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