A Day At The Beach

  • 29 July 2016, 08:25

The past couple of weeks have been a bit of a mini-heatwave here in Dundee (sunniest city in Scotland, and all that) so we took full advantage of the sunshine-burning ourselves in the process- and decided to take a wee trip over to St. Andrews.  St Andrews is a tourist hotspot and well-known throughout the world- mainly for golf, beaches, a prestigious University and being the place where Wills met Kate.  Whenever you go, you’re sure to overhear a real mix of accents and be walking alongside bus-loads of tourists with their sunhats and cameras ready.  It’s also very accessible f13697159_938269916282489_613896380277727573_nrom Dundee, making it a highly worthwhile day trip during summer time (otherwise it’s very windy, although still beautiful).   Any of the 99 buses from the centre of town will take you across to St Andrews in a little over 20 mins and setting you back around £8, proving that Dundee is ideally situated for accessing most of Scotland


I was so incredibly excited for the trip for one main reason- we were going to the aquarium.  Nemo fish! Penguins! Seals! Meerkats! (yeah, weirdly) So we arrived fairly early in the day and had a lovely wander down the beach before the sun got too unbearably13775960_938270896282391_7839786822081045584_n scorching and went for lunch in Nando’s (because we’re sophisticated like that) before heading to the aquarium for the afternoon.  Student discount served us well and we got there just in time to watch the penguins being fed, before seeing a myriad of tropical fish, cute turtles, tiny sharks, adorable meerkats and we even got to hold a snake.  We were in there for over an hour and watched the seals being fed out in the sun as well before getting the bus back to Dundee for around 3pm! 13680899_938268729615941_4230595771685270700_nSt Andrews is a trip I have only taken twice since I started living in Dundee and I have no idea why I don’t do it more often considering the proximity, easiness and excitement of it.  Was a great day out on a very hot Scottish summers day!

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