T MINUS 4 WEEKS (Freshers’ tips!)

As I sit in the office during summer placement eating a tuna sandwich and sipping on a hot cup of coffee looking out at the bleak and drizzly August- yes August- sky, I had to remind myself (and all of you) that it’s not all doom and gloom. Yes- summer may be almost over, my tan may be beginning to fade and my Erasmus year may be all but a distant memory. But guess what? It’s almost time for #Freshers2016 and I’ve got that Fri-yay feeling! That’s why I’m dedicating my lunch hour to give you my top tips for freshers’ week and all the reasons why you need to get excited about being a UoD student this year. Here we go.

Tip numero uno- COMMIT. Freshers’ week isn’t just for Christmas, it’s for life. Or the duration of the week anyway and the more you commit yourself the better the week is going to be. Everyone can relate to that awkward uncertainty of not knowing how far to take things. What’s socially acceptable and what isn’t? Dude, too far… a phrase we all ideally want to avoid. Let’s face it- nobody wants to be Elle Woods when she turns up at the “costume party” or Cady Harris when she goes full-on Zombie Bride for Halloween (beginning to question the calibre of film I watch). So don’t worry about looking stupid. Chances are you’re going to look more stupid if you’re the only one not wearing beach clothes at the beach themed party. Don’t believe me- see DUSA facebook pictures

Tip number two- DONT FORGET THE NON-DRINKING EVENTS. It’s a trap that’s easy to fall into. You don’t get home until 6am after going to an after party that your new flat mate begged you to go to and how could you say no? He would hate you otherwise. We’ve all been there, trust me. So just accept that you’re probably not going to get a lot of sleep this week. But, remember, sleep isn’t why you came to uni (come exam time you’ll learn this very quickly). So here’s a few day time events you might want to remember: Campus Tour Sept. 4th 1100-1200, Rounders Sept 4th 1400, Free Gym Access at ISE 6th  Sept 0700-1730, GP Doctor Registration Sept 8th 1000-1500 and Library Tour Sept 9th 1300-1400.

Tip number three- REMEMBER TO BUDGET. I genuinely know someone who got so excited about freshers’ that they spent all £800 of their double SAAS in the first week. I love the enthusiasm, but I also love being able to eat the rest of the month. And anyway who can be bothered with that awkward phone call home in the first week to ask your mum for more money…

Tip number four-AVOID SETTING OFF THE FIRE ALARM AT 3AM. For those of you moving into halls listen carefully. Setting off the fire alarm, having decided it’s a good idea to make a bacon sandwich when you get in at 3am, will leave you hated by not only your own flat, but the entire apartment block. Now maths is not my strong suit but by my calculation there are roughly six flats per block all with approximately six freshers’ in each one, meaning you’re going to annoy at least 36 people. That’s the equivalent of walking into a relatively busy Air Bar and having everyone give you a funny look- best avoided. Of course, the reality is that it’s inevitable and if you received a pound for every time the fire alarm does go off, you’d be rich by the end of the year. But just be aware: the fire alarms are sensitive!!

Final tip- ENJOY YOURSELF. Freshers- don’t over think it or worry about it or panic about it. Everyone is in the same boat and you will definitely not end this week without having made any friends. The rest of you- you’re not too old or cool for it. So, with about four minutes left of my lunch hour, there you have it- my top tips for #Freshers2016. I’ll leave the link right here for those who still need to order a Freshers’ Pass- https://www.dusa.co.uk/freshers/ and other than that all I have left to say is, bring on September!


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A fourth year law student recently returned from an ERASMUS exchange in the Netherlands. Here to share his experiences so far and keep students up-to-date on all things #UoD.

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