How to Get to Know Your New Flatmate

River Tay Looking toward Dundee and Port of Dundee
River Tay looking toward Dundee

Hello, Scotland!

It has been a whirlwind five days since landing at the airport in Edinburgh, chalk full of massive jet lag, slightly manic-styled over-tiredness, errands, errands, and oh! more errands!  And a wee bit of playing tourist.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in getting our things together, especially for international students having to make multiple stops to pickup and signup for things, but it is important to set a precedent – preferably a friendly one! – with your flatmate(s). You want to be welcoming, friendly, and open to starting a new friendship; after all, you will be living within one another’s bubbles for almost an entire year.

I arrived the day prior to my flatmate – we’re renting a flat in city centre – and began thinking through ways to welcome her back from her summer holiday. Flowers are simple, as is a card, but I decided to go a bit further knowing she too was traveling a long distance and coming home in the evening. I decided dinner was the best way to go, and she bought wine.

Dinner is a simple and easy thing to make (it doesn’t have to be fancy!) that always leads to conversation, thus making it one of the best ways to get to know your new person. Even if you’re only rocking a microwave and a toaster, a little mac n’ cheese or a late night toast with avocado and egg can be a great way to start a friendship!

Another great way to get to know your flatmate(s) is to act the part of tourists together.  Some people grew up here, others are only here for a few months, and still others are international and just learning what’s what – so share the knowledge if you have it.  Find the things to be found.  Most of all, try new things and meet new people!

Broughty Ferry Castle - Scotland - August 2016
Broughty Ferry Castle
RSS Discovery Masts
Ship’s Mast – RSS Discovery
HMS Unicorn Inside
Hanging out with the Unicorn on HMS Unicorn
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