• 9 September 2016, 10:19
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After a gruelling 17 hour flight which included an aggravating 6-hour layover at Doha, Qatar and an hour long drive from Edinburgh – I finally reached Dundee! The smell of manure and fresh cut fields welcomed me into Dundee as we drove in, a smell so indicative of Scotland’s rich agricultural heritage. Soon after getting my keys and moving into my flat at Heathfields, it finally sank into me that I am finally in Dundee ready to embark on an adventure of a lifetime. With a lot of uncertainty ahead of me, I told myself to never give up even when I am faced with the worst challenges in life.

First Impressions

The first few people I met in Dundee were the staff from the Student Sanctuary. They were the most polite bunch you could ever meet! Coming from Asia, where customer service isn’t actually something businesses prioritise, the warm welcome by the staff made me feel at home instantly! Following them, the many peer connectors and Freshers’ week guides throughout the campus really helped me in my homesickness. The weather was actually not that bad, I expected it to be much colder but it was just nice – neither too hot nor cold.

With the help of a senior Singaporean student who was doing medicine too, I decided to take a walk around the campus and see what’s where.  She brought me around to the various landmarks of the campus: library, chaplaincy, the union. I also got to go to Tesco and the famous student friendly supermarket Lidl! More info on these and surviving in Dundee under a budget coming soon!

Freshers’ Week

Oh god! What can I say? It was just awesome!!!

The whole week was filled with activities day and night (*wink*wink*).  The week started with the Principle’s Speech at the awe-inspiring Caird Hall! We got know  about the various heads of departments and the few crucial staff heads that will matter to the year ones- Thus started my first day of exploring Dundee.

Dundee is the fourth biggest city in Scotland, but it honestly does not seem like it; it maybe because I come from a city-state where the population is just way too high! For whom, who are not familiar with Dundee, you can split Dundee into three parts, the city centre, the area surrounding the University and the outskirts near Ninewells hospital. Obviously, the city centre is the place to be with countless cafes, shops and attractions.

Day 2 was a little more eventful with the start of GP, Dental and Bank registration (the boring but crucial parts of any student’s life). I had the chance to meet up with other international and local student and got to know them more!  (Tip: It’s good to make friends at the very start, a lot of them!) The day ended with a historic tour around Dundee by the university curator Matthew Jarron (a special shout out!). He really brought the history of Dundee to life to many there and personally it helped me understand and like Dundee more.  Soon after, introduction lectures and special events organised by the medicine school started occupying most of my time the next few days.

A few moments


Week 1 Reflections

As the freshers’ week draws to a near, most of us will be both energized and tired (from all the partying – guilty), we will be more clear yet confused, we might hate somethings and love somethings at the same time. You might be missing your family or worse doubting your choice of choosing Dundee?  You might think you are going crazy, no worries, we all are! That’s exactly the point of this week – It’s so that we know what’s in store for us and what else can we do to make sure we reach our goals in life! I mean, how hard can it be?