The Beginning of the End

  • 13 September 2016, 10:09

So my fourth and final Freshers Week wasn’t exactly wild.  It featured a lot of shifts in work, one night of Ring of Fire, one day of recovering from said Ring of Fire, one trip to the Freshers Fair and an obscene amount of binge-watching Married At First Sight USA (which I would definitely recommend btw).  I had fun though.  I’ve never really been a drinker to start with, mostly due to my severe lack of tolerance for it, and we have definitely become mellower over the years.  I imagine a lot of you proper Freshers will still be recovering- having sleep withdrawal and maybe even craving food other than pizza by now.  Also round about now is when the first signs of Freshers Flu start to surface.  Believe me, it is a very real and unavoidable thing and most likely the remnants of it will stay with you for the duration of the semester.

SAAS payment came in which is a beautiful occasion any month but particularly September’s double amount, and so a lot of unnecessary purchases have been made already (my flat is now home to a rowing machine??). Other than that, not a lot has been going on.  My flatmates and I are pub quiz fans and have been going to the Monday night one at The Nether Inn (not too far from campu14263963_980525862056894_645582159830874487_ns and probably the first pub we went to way back in first year) though there’s loads going on round about if you like that kind of thing.  It’s normally a good excuse to have a few drinks on a weeknight and kid yourself you’re doing it for intellectual reasons.

If you didn’t make it along to the Freshers Fair at the weekend and are still keen to join a society or two then you can find a list on the Union website or pick up a copy of this month’s The Magdalen magazine (found in various places around campus including the library) where they feature a few of the most popular or newer ones looking for members.

Anyway, I hope your first few classes are going well! I have been in the library twice already this week and it’s only Tuesday but I guess that’s the life of a final year student! I had my first lecture on Virginia Woolf yesterday and then have the remaining five hours worth of classes on Friday.  ONLY 6 HOURS OF CLASSES A WEEK?- I hear you say.  Yep, that and a loooooot of reading in-between (and dissertation prep etc).  But I’m excited for the semester ahead and hope you all are too!

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