Surviving Dundee 101

  • 17 September 2016, 01:24

As a student, money is never enough! (Will it ever?) As such, many of us will start doing stuff we think will be cheap but instead actually cost us more! Read on for some of my tips (some by me and some by others) which I hope will help you survive in this city. You might think, he has only been there for a week – what does he know? Well, I did a lot of reading up before I flew over to the UK and talked to a lot of people who were already here, but like I said in the first blog there is never enough information. Well, this is my attempt to help my solve that problem, let me know if you have any comments on that.


There were will be lots of free stuff available in the first week, a lot! So you would not need to bring them up when you come over to Dundee; ranging from pens (loads of it), notebooks, tote bags and even folders! It doesn’t stop there, the clubs and societies here are so nice and they always give out free food almost every day in the first week.  The Dundee Christian Union arranges a session in the evening every day of the Freshers week, the best one this year was the Grub Crawl! Some of the Singaporean folks and I went to that event this year! We got to meet a lot of great people and got to taste a lot of free food courtesy of the members of the Christian Union.

Surviving the weather

Dundee is the sunniest city in Scotland; they get a lot of shine and rain in this part of the country. However, I am from the sunniest city in the world, Singapore!  We experience temperatures ranging from 28 – 33 degrees every day but that’s like a heat wave in Dundee! The first thing to note is, the month of September and early October is when the weather is slightly warm in Dundee; so a jacket or a simple hoodie is enough. But as it approaches late October to Feb, the weather gets colder and colder before Dundee gets a wee bit of spring in March.  For that, you would need the three layers clothing; a good jacket, sweater, scarf and even a cap will help!

Another important thing, you guys need to know before you come here, Dundee is very windy! It’s a good thing and bad thing.

Good: It is always windy, so it’s never hot so you would never sweat here!

Bad: It is always windy, so it’s cold and your hair is never in place.


A few moments from this week

Grocery, Food and Restaurants

TESCO! That’s everything you need to know! There are a lot of different kinds of the Tesco supermarkets; Tesco Express, Tesco Metro and finally Tesco Extra (the biggest and only one).  Once you get your bank accounts settled and you receive you debit card; the first step is to set up your Tesco online account and start shopping! It’s cheaper and delivers directly your doorstep! (More tips coming up soon)

As far as restaurants are concerned, Dundee has a lot of options- ranging from Indian to Thai to Chinese, not forgetting the local food and delights. So food would not be a big problem for you. If you wanna eat out or cook for yourself, Dundee offers it all!

Last thoughts

Continuing on the same thought I started with, being a student, money is always tight. So…..I would strongly encourage exploring the above options to help you with that. Always remember health is the most important and make sure you budget enough money to buy enough fruits and vegetable! Honestly, how hard can it be?


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      • Thank you for your comment! You are right, it is not the main entrance. But it is also possible to go into Overgate mall through the H&M entrance and the one behind the church.

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