• 19 September 2016, 02:27


I know, it’s been a somewhat crazy week given the start of classes, but I still say, “Explore!”

If you’re a first year student, or even second, third or fourth; it is imperative that you find a way to step away from your desk, pull your nose out of a book, and breathe in some fresh air and stretch your legs.

I know, it’s tempting to run into the nearest pub and drink a pint, but your health is important and a five minute mental break is better than nothing!  There are many places on offer in and around Dundee to seek out a quick walk or, for the more adventurous, miles.

In the past month I’ve pretty much walked the entirety of Dundee City – up Dundee Law, down every nook and cranny of the city centre, and over into Broughty Ferry, etc.  Thankfully, Mother Nature blessed us with some beautiful weather last weekend so I finally decided to check out what mysteries lie on the other side of the River Tay.

I walked the 1.4 miles over the Tay Road Bridge (a worthy stroll if only to walk the span of that massive flow of water that has fed this area in literal and figurative terms for ages) into Newport-on-Tay, and then continued on to Wormit.  There are some lovely cottages, large homes, hidden gardens, neat little restaurants, and more than a few lovely views of the river, the Tay Rail Bridge and Tay Road Bridge, and the City of Dundee.

What I didn’t know, and what I seem not to have come across in my research on Dundee before coming here was this: The Green Circular.  How did I miss this gem?!  Where was the marketing bend for this loop that spans the outskirts of Dundee’s border?  Gracious me, but I am excited as all get out (sorry – that’s the Southern girl coming through) to explore the miles offered along this trail.

If you’ve already walked to Green Circular; what are your favorite places?  If you haven’t and you want to explore it with someone; send me a message and we’ll figure out a time and place to meet up!

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      • Thank you, David! I will definitely check out Trottick ponds 🙂 Spending a summer night watching bats reminds me of being a kid back in Alabama and Mississippi; looks like bits and pieces of “home” are more easily found than I expected!

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