Day In The Life: DJCAD Level 2 Fine Art / Philosophy

I thought it would be interesting for people to see what University of Dundee students do in their day to day lives, so here’s  day in my life.

Day In The Life 1  I woke up at 7:50am got ready and left the house. I grabbed a tea and a steak bake on my way to DJCAD because, frankly, I needed a pick-me-up and, I confess, I was too lazy to make oatmeal and we’d run out cereal. When I arrived at DJCAD around 9am I sat at a desk and opened a text book and finished the week’s reading for the lecture later, highlighting the things I thought were most important, and the things I didn’t quite understand.

Day In The Life 2 I’ve been doing life painting for the first two weeks, so I finished my reading and my tea, set up my work station and waited for the model to arrive at 9:30am.

Day In The Life 3 Philosophy lecture at 11am, I brought the book I was reading with me so I could follow exactly what was going on and take accurate notes. The lecture ended at 12pm and I met up with a friend for coffee at lunch.

Day In The Life 4 After grabbing a frappucino from the union my friend and I went to the DJCAD library. I thought it would be a good idea to check mydundee at this point as I hadn’t in the morning. After doing a bit of artist research for inspiration I returned to the studio.

Day In The Life 5 Back at the studio I continued working on the painting and waited for the model to arrive.

Day In The Life 6 At 4pm me and a friend went to an art and philosophy forum where we discussed a book with people from various disciplines and years.

Day In The Life 7 Afterwards we also decided to check out the philosophy film club where they were screening The Killing.

So that was a day in my life, what’s your day like, and what do you get up to at uni?

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