Matriculating Late……Settling in…

A month ago when most other people where busy packing bags, trying to set everything and saying goodbyes to their families, I was doing nothing but  sitting and staring at the walls. There was some complication with my visa process therefore I had to stay back home for a while. I had heard so much about the fresher’s week that it was hard for me to digest that I’ll be missing it and also possibly the first week of classes. I had frequent nightmares that I wont be able to fit in because in my mind I felt that everyone would be comfortable with each other and that I would be the outsider.

Turns out as usual I was exaggerating. I came to Uni three weeks late missing two weeks worth of classes but somehow I was able to fit in. I wouldn’t say it was easy , it was probably the most difficult thing I ever had to face because none of the events ever turned out in my favor. The minute I landed in the UK, my phone stopped working, I found it excruciating because I couldn’t contact my parents  or even just inform them that I reached safely. I did realize one thing, we all have grown so used to the technology available to us that without it we are literally helpless.

That was the least of my problems, I realized I needed to shop if I wanted to stay alive for the next few days. I had no idea about any of the locations or basically anything in particular because for me there was always Google maps . Thankfully, my flat mates came into the picture here. I did not bring a lot of winter clothing so they also helped me shop for coats and jackets to make myself warm.

Another unfavorable turn of events was Matriculation. To matriculate BRP(Biometric residence permit ) is very much essential . I reached Dundee on a Friday and I could get my BRP only on Tuesday so until then I couldn’t matriculate, couldn’t set up a bank account or even go to the library. This seemed  like a lot to deal with at that moment but once I got my BRP everything just fell into place.

Even though I faced so many situations , I always found myself in a position where there was someone in the University to help me sort things out. I found many others facing the same situation in my course so I knew I was not the only one who has missed so many classes and they were able to help me with most other stuff.

One small advice to anybody matriculating late is ASK. Be it location of the classes ,coursework or accommodation, every one is here to help.  you just need to ask.

So there you go , my first week in Dundee.

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    1. Rebecca Trengove

      Hi Maria, I’m glad people around the University helped you out and hope you’re now settling in , making friends and enjoying your classes.
      Best regards

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