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  • 19 October 2016, 04:17

Hey there,

Welcome to a new blog post! I apologise for not posting last week. However, as indicated I took a break (mainlyAde5 due to reading week), where I spent time at home and didn’t really focus too much on University work. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed my time at home and away from the computer.

For this blog I thought I would share my own opinion about taking breaks and finding time for yourself, especially if you feel that life is a bit chaotic. As a student I have never really been one for intense study. I am definitely an active learner and I would take a lesson outdoors over sitting in a room with a text book. Through High School I really struggled with revision for exams as I was more keen to go out with friends and have fun. Though I believe in having no regrets, I do wish that I had worked more on engaging with how I learn and utilising a strategy to get me motivated and focused on doing school work.

As I get older I definitely think I am better at doing work that is required due to studying what I am interested in and become more passionate about learning. That said I am still a great procrastinator. My top four ways of relaxing are –

  • Watching a movie/reading a book

I love escaping into another world. Though it is not always practical it does allow me to shut off from stress and can sometimes give me a clearer head going back into the work needing done.

  • Exercising

Now, I will admit to sometimes procrastinating working out. However, if I go to the gym I will feel great afterwards3ce571d340c4744130ed310cc1804a00 and it will put me into a mood of motivation. Exercising has also been proven to greatly impact mental development as well.

  • Having a nap

Though I would not recommend long naps or frequent naps, a 20 minute power nap sometimes solves all problems. Sometimes. I am lucky that I normally wake from a nap feeling refreshed and ready to go. However, I do understand that it is not always the same for everyone.

  • Listen to music and lighting a candle

For me nothing is more soothing that the familiar sound of Christmas songs while
sitting next to a Yankee Christmas-Cookie-yankee-candleCandle. Music always motivates me and I am more likely to finish a essay/project while listening to music. Though Christmas songs give me joy all year round, I understand that it might wind others up. So when I am around other people I listen to Joe Hisaishi as it is really calming. Until December.

These are just a few tips for having a break and can work no matter what stage of life you are in. Though I would advise against taking naps at work/in lectures. Please let me know any ways you find useful for taking a break and relaxing.

P.s. I am listening to Christmas music whilst writing this. Not sorry.

Signing off,






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Hey there!

My name is Natasha and I am 20.

I live in Dundee and I am attending the University of Dundee, training to be a primary teacher.

I love candles and Japanese movies.

Live simple, dream big, love lots, be fabulous.

Much Love x

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