Dundee’s weather

IMG_0180Most people like me had thought that Dundee has extreme weather conditions. The only reason we came up with this conclusion was the fact that Dundee is located north of the UK. Its been a month since i arrived in Dundee and honestly I have no idea how to predict it!

Some days when I look outside in the morning it looks so gloomy that I wrap myself in layers of coats and jackets only to remove it all by the time I enter my first lecture. Other days i would be so confident that it is going to be sunny that i would not choose to wear a coat but as usual I’m never right I end up getting drenched in the rain or blown away by the wind.

Dundee’s weather varies every single day. The same weather never continues for three or four days. It keeps fluctuating between windy, rain, sunny and outright cold. Every single time I Skype my family back home, the first question they always ask me ” Maria, How is the weather? Is it very cold? Is it minus degree?”  At first i used to explain it to them about the weather, now all i do is look outside and tell them the weather at the moment.

So there you go, Dundee’s weather is not as monstrous as you thought.IMG_0159

P.S. To all those people who still think that Dundee faces extreme conditions, there is a reason why Dundee is known as the SUNNIEST place in Scotland.

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