The Sidlaws: Just a Hop, Skip, and a Jump Away

  • 21 October 2016, 11:58

…and a bus ride and bit of a walk, too.

Holy, Batman, I needed to get out! After being sick for three-weeks, I was yearning for hills, pastures, green stuff, or just about anything to get away from the city. Don’t get me wrong; I like Dundee, but I also love the hills and being far removed from droves of people.

After spending a lazy Saturday with my partner, we decided to head out Sunday for the Sidlaws.  As neither of us had a vehicle, the logistics in getting there became a wee bit more complicated, but nothing we couldn’t handle.


We hopped the #20 Stagecoach bus at Dundee Forum Centre to Tealing and then walked about 3-miles to Balkello Community Woodland for the start of our easy hillwalk.  We chose not to loop back around to Balkello (not having a car made that an easy decision) and instead ambled our way up Auchterhouse Hill, over to Balluderon Hill to have a quick snack at the Syd Scroggie cairn, then off to Craigowl Hill before descending to an easily spotted lane.  This cut took off about 1-1.5 miles of additional walking.




Unfortunately, Sunday timetables have the #20 Stagecoaches running about once an hour and we missed one by 5-minutes.  The temperature was dropping so we donned our warmer gear and spent some quality time in the bus stop, haha!

This is a fun little half-day (if that) out into hills that are no more than 5-miles from Dundee Centre, and one I’d recommend for beginners or those who just want a leg stretch.  It’s difficult to get lost as you can see Dundee from the hills.

We highly recommend topping the jaunt off with a hot chocolate, hot cup of tea, or a dram of whisky during the autumn and winter months.


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      • A little perseverance goes a long way when you want out onto a hill, haha! It was a beautiful village to walk through; we even met a friendly young Clydesdale (I think he was a Clyde, but I could be wrong) who thought we were the bees knees 🙂 I’ll definitely be back!

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