Winter is Coming: How to Beat The Winter Blues

I love autumn, its the perfect time to cosy up and read with hot chocolate in hand and maybe a cinnamon swirl to top it off! The changing of the leaves, the warm clothes and the fact that christmas is just around the corner are just some of the reasons why I love autumn. However its not for everyone, but hopefully these tips will help you make the most of this colourful season.
Stay warm:

Over reading week I noticed a sudden drop in temperature, its gotten rather cold here in Dundee now. Even when I’m at home I notice my hands getting very cold, so I invested in hand-warmers, the kind you can pop in a kettle to reset and slip in your coat or trouser pocket and activate them when you need them. In past winters they have been my go to answer for freezing hands.
Hot water bottles are also a wise investment, no one likes getting into a cold bed at night or sitting in a cold room because heating a flat can be expensive. To solve this problem I just boil 2 cups of water in a kettle and fill my hot water bottle, and either pop it under a blanket, behind a cushion, or at the foot of my bed to heat it before I get in and throughout the night. Be sure its done up tight though!
Blankets are also a fantastic solution, I love to just stretch my legs out on the sofa under a blanket and just go on my laptop checking emails or reading Vogue online. Blankets are warm and inexpensive (I’ve got a variety already, cotton, furry, and plush material).
Its also important to relax and what better way to do so than with a nice hot bath. If you have the luxury of tub then treat yourself to your favourite bath bomb and enjoy the warmth.

Feel cosy:

In autumn I love to curl up with a book on the sofa. When the weather outside isn’t the best it can get a little boring indoors, but books or board games with flat mates can keep your entertained for when you don’t fancy straining your eyes at a tv/laptop screen. I’m currently reading George Orwell’s 1984, and for Halloween I plan to read Stephen King’s Carrie.

Book stack
To go with a good book, why not have some hot chocolate and pop a giant marshmallow on top?
I love to watch movies in the evening with my flat mate, or binge watch a season of my favourite tv show and treat myself to a small glass of wine. I’m currently enjoying House and How I Met Your Mother for TV shows and when it comes to movies I love Insidious 1 & 2 and may have to watch them again for Halloween, or perhaps watch IT or The Shining as I have never seen either. If you have any plans for Halloween or any good movie suggestions then let me know down in the comments below!


One of my favourites things about autumn is decorating, and not just for Christmas or Halloween. I’ve put up fairy lights in my living room and have scented candles to fill the room with soft light.
If you like, then perhaps carve a pumpkin and make a Jack O’ Lantern and really get into the spirit of autumn.

Autumn leaves

But most of all autumn is a season of natural changes so wrap up warm, go outside and enjoy the beautiful changing leaves and vibrant colours of this wonderful season!

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