Why I joined CU

  • 26 October 2016, 12:38

Hey there, 13529074_10154176986371166_7067368576402098127_n

Welcome to another blog post! I must say that this week has definitely been on the busy side with very little sleep.

When I came to university I had a vague idea of what it meant to be in a society. These ideas mainly came from movies or experiences from friends. However, the one society that I wanted to join was CU.  A typical Tuesday evening meeting consists of praise, a speaker and discussion. When I first started going, I was enjoying the weekly meetings and hall groups. However, I felt a bit disconnected from it all.

During this past weekend I was blessed to be able to attend the CU Big weekend away. Before I went on the weekend I didn’t have much knowledge on what we were going to be doing. However, there were three things I did know:

  1. It was going to be in Stirling
  2. There was going to be a themed techno ceilidh
  3. To bring a bible

Now most people that know me understand that I like to plan ahead and know what is happening on a daily basis, so the build up to this weekend was making me pretty nervous.

Reflecting back on the weekend I strongly believe that God put me there with the other people in CU for a reason. Not only did our study of Jonah inspire me but it has encouraged me to be more open to forgiving. Another positive that came out of that weekend was that I connected a lot more to the people in the CU and to God. I am very grateful for the weekend as it has partially fulfilled one of the reason I wanted to join CU in the first place.

The weekend away was just a fraction of the challenges and achievements that I will face being apart of the society. Not only did I conquer certain personal fears with the help of new friends but I also feel that I have settled into University and Dundee that much more.

My original intention of joining CU was to make friends, develop my faith and to be in a community of like minded people with the same passions in life. Though it is still very early in my membership in the society, I feel that I have already achieved most of my aims. However, I will still never be able to look at a box of cornflakes the same.

Signing off,



*CU stands for Christian Union






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Hey there!

My name is Natasha and I am 20.

I live in Dundee and I am attending the University of Dundee, training to be a primary teacher.

I love candles and Japanese movies.

Live simple, dream big, love lots, be fabulous.

Much Love x

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