A day in a law student’s life

  • 27 October 2016, 05:17

So, for this post I decided to give you some insight to my awesome and exciting life as a LLM student at the University of Dundee. As reputation will have it, law students don’t have a life – but that is only partly true! It is only when exams comes along we don’t have a life, since that is also the point we realize that we should have done some more reading during the rest of the semester.

This day I woke up at 7:45 am and I will spare you the pictures of me in the morning, so we’ll skip straight to the morning coffee. In the good spirit of law-studying, I did some preparation reading before my seminar – not at all because I was too lazy to do it before, but because I think it is important to keep the material fresh to mind.

After coffee, I ate my breakfast as you can see from this picture of my cereal in the window sill. I didn’t actually eat it in the window sill, but it looks better than another picture of my computer.




In my LLM-course, which is the International Criminal Justice & Human Rights-course, we have three different modules per semester. Each module provides two hours of seminars a week, whereby two of them (in my case) take place on Mondays and the last one on Wednesdays. At 11am yesterday I had my two-hours seminar in International Criminal Justice. It is a great class and I would recommend it for everyone who Is interested in the international criminal law and regulations.

As you can see in the picture, my classmates are doing a really good job pretending to work (just kidding, they take their readings very seriously).

After the class, to keep my good reputation as a hard-working law student, I spent a couple of hours in the library. It’s really not about how many hours you spend at the library, but how efficient you are while being there. This was a serious statement if you couldn’t tell. After some hours working and a little tap on my shoulder I headed home to grab some dinner. Than I met these wonderful girls at a nice little bar called the Speedwell Bar for some beers 5:30 pm after a long and exhausting day.

IMG_7353IMG_7366 IMG_7368

I must say, a day in a law student’s life consists of just as much beer as it is required reading. Whether you prefer a beer, some tea or just a glass of water, I would still recommend everyone to check out some of the many pubs located here in Dundee. Most of them are relatively quiet, cozy and charming and it is really a great way of socializing with old or new mates. It is really not a bad idea to get out of the library and your accommodation-room for a couple of hours a day.

One and a half hour later, I went to another hard-working law student’s apartment (the one you can see on some of the pictures above). Halloween is creeping up on us, and it was about time to do some pumpkin carving! I have actually never even seen a carved pumpkin up close before, so I must say I was kind of excited to finally carve my first pumpkin!

Sadly, after a couple of hours of hard improvising work, my pumpkin (apparently) reminded more of someone from Sesame Street or Olaf from Frozen. Regardless, a proud Ine went to bed at midnight after another awesome day in Dundee.

IMG_7371 IMG_7370


A photo shoot of the end result is required.


Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 17.54.51

Even though not every day in a law student’s life consists of pumpkin carving and beers (well..), it sure includes a lot of interesting learning, debates and fun nights out! It may not seem like it in this blog post, but probably every master requires a lot of reading and hard work, but I think it is important to always take some time to give yourself a break doing something relaxing or fun in-between reading hours.


Love, Ine.

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My name is Ine, and I am a 22 year old girl from Norway. For my fifth year as a law student, I will be participating at the LLM program in International Criminal Justice & Human Rights at the University of Dundee.

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    1. The photo of the cereal in the window is actually really artsy. I would put that on a canvas haha. Also, I really enjoy the equation: amount of work = amount of beer consumed 🙂

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