My Favourite Study Spots (On and Off Campus)

I absolutely love to read. Luckily my course as lots of interesting things on its reading list. But at home in the flat its easy to get distracted when trying to write essays or trying to grasp a concept as part of the course content. When I just can’t concentrate at home the best thing I find is just leaving and going somewhere else as a change in environment helps me remember the material better and concentrate without any distractions. So here are my favourite spots to study on and off campus!

IMG_2421Even on a bleak November day, the Union is lovely with a beautiful view of the Tay River to keep you calm when deadlines are approaching, and coffee to keep you awake and powering through that essay due tomorrow. Its usually pretty quiet but its not silent, so if you can study with a little background noise then this is a lovely place to  be. But if you’re like me and sometimes need absolute silence in order to fully immerse yourself in your work and concentrate, then maybe the silent study areas of the Main Library are more your thing. If you still crave coffee, are off campus and don’t mind a bit of noise then Starbucks and Costa are always an option too, the Waterstones bookshop even has a costa inside, so theres no excuse to not get your reading done there, and may be pick up a few books for your leisure too.

On the Green Reading
Right now the weathers not fantastic so outdoor reading isn’t the best, but when the weather allows it I love to sit and read outsid
e either at Dudhope Park or the green behind Caird hall near where the new V&A is being built as this park has lovely flowers and some rather comfortable seats.



Park UniAt Dundee University there’s a little park between the Main Library and the Tower Building, where, if the weather permits, is a fantastic little spot to get some reading done between lectures. It has benches, flowers, and a huge willow tree to sit under in the summer if the heat get too much for you (though that won’t be much of a problem at this time of year). Not forgetting to mention the campus green, though in the summer it can get a little crowded and noisy, sometimes there’s even events on so though it is lovely, I tend to prefer the slightly more secluded park.

I hope this post gave you some insight into where the best study spots are in Dundee and perhaps the lovely parks and views of the Tay have inspired you to start that essay you’ve been putting off, or to finally get through that last bit of reading. What are your favourite study spots around Dundee? Feel free to leave a comment below, I’d love to know some more little gems to be found in this city.



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