For those of you who read my last post, you’ll remember I spoke about how exercise is scientifically proven to help de-stress and increase brain productivity (pretty helpful around exam time). However it dawned on me that going to the gym might be a relatively new thing to some or might even be something you’ve never done before. Maybe because you’re intimidated by the Hulk Hogans and Usain Bolts. Worry not- here are few things which should put your mind at ease and encourage you to join our Institute of Sport and Exercise (ISE).

(1) First of all- its so handy! ISE is right on campus, literally a two minute walk from the library and with changing rooms and showers meaning you can get get fresh before getting your head down again. If you can force yourself out of bed, the mornings are usually quieter giving you free range of the machines and the opportunity to take a decent gym selfie without being judged.


(2) Top class facilities! ISE underwent major renovations in 2007 and it now has a state-of-the-art gym with hundreds of new exercise machines. From spin bikes to treadmills to cross-trainers- there’s something for everyone. All of which have a built-in multi media feature which allows you to watch the news or connect your phone or tablet to let you read over notes as you work out.
(3) Everyone is welcome! ISE have recently embarked on a pilot project which gives trans and gender non-conforming students supported access to the gym and sports teams. This allows LGBT persons a four week trial membership to the ISE gym which includes advise and support in the creation of individual programmes. Can’t say no to a freebie really can you?


(4) Exercise classes! These are generally 30 minute group classes taken by a PT and are perfect for anyone who wants to be constantly motivated throughout their workout. You can download the ISE app to book a class of your choice. (Pick up a leaflet in ISE reception for details)


(5) You will feel so much better! Exercise releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy and happy people smash exams (pretty sure Elle Woods even said so). Don’t believe me? Theres a bunch of others who agree and ISE have wisely quoted them on their walls so go look!

Happy work out!


Written by:

A fourth year law student recently returned from an ERASMUS exchange in the Netherlands. Here to share his experiences so far and keep students up-to-date on all things #UoD.

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