Dundee’s Light Nights

  • 18 November 2016, 09:36

Dundee City Christmas Tree

Light Nights marked the finale of the Festival of Architecture 2016 and the beginning of the Christmas Season. Food vendors, craft sellers, and shops open later than normal with the promise of fireworks!

Well… the fireworks were a bit of a let down, only because they had to cancel them about a minute into the show due to wind. *sigh* I suppose making sure the town doesn’t burn down is the proper thing to do 😉

Fireworks Dundee

However, with a nip in the air, a lovely lit Christmas tree in the city centre, and lighted signs down all the major streets in town; it’s hard not to feel pulled into the holiday spirit, regardless of your religious persuasion.  I think we can all agree to be friendly.

If you missed the festivities, make sure you take a walk around Dundee’s city centre after the sun goes down so you, too, can enjoy the beauty of the lights!

Caird Hall Christmas

Street Sign Lights

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