Christmas Preparations in Dundee, 2016

On Friday night the Dundee Christmas Tree’s lights were switched on, and I decided to go watch and see the event. Christmas is such a wonderful time of year and I personally love to see all the festivities.

There was a carousel for the children and even a bus converted into a little Santa’s grotto. I made my way to one of a number of food stands and I treated myself to a maple syrup crepes and some candy-floss.

Xmas Fair Carousel XmasCrepes XmasFairCandyFloss

There was a large projection on Boots outside Overgate, a beautiful display on the Steeple Church and an installation on one of the nearby roads. I also took a trip to the luminous birds exhibition in The Howff. Behind Caird Hall there was a little christmas market and a screen showing the events of the evening with the V&A museum lit up with another projection.

XmasSwitchOnProjection XmasSteepleChurchXmasInstallation XmasFair

At 6:45pm the countdown begun for the lights to be switched on, and there was a plume of confetti afterwards and fireworks later in the evening.

XmasSpeakerCairdHall XmasTreeSwitchOn

In the morning I decided to watch the sunrise over the Tay River and spotted the moon still up in the sky over the high-street. When I was walking towards the Tay I checked the temperature on my phone and it was below freezing! There was a lot of frost and ice on the pavement so I had to watch my step.XmasFairMorningMoon XmasFairSunrise XmasFairSunrise2

On Sunday there was even a visit from the CocaCola Truck. So all in all it seems the season is setting off to a wonderful start! The events here are much larger than living in a small town, its nice to see so many decorations in one place!

XmasColaTruck XmasColaTruck2




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Hi! I come from Kent, England and am currently studying Art Philosophy at DJCAD. I also write for The Magdalen, a student run magazine at the university. I'm always looking for new ways to get involved at the university and make the most of my time here.

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