A little Wednesday night journal

  • 24 November 2016, 09:37

So the weather doesn’t really know what it’s doing, it was pretty cold last week and a lot warmer this week. But that’s okay because do I really know what I’m doing either? I feel you, weather. I feel you.

Just kidding! I think.

I totally know what I’m doing. Right?

Seems to be a regular night over here, though. Feliz Navidad stuck in my head, my box of tissues in high demand (thank you cold-season), and I’m enjoying a nice glass of ice since I shoveled piping hot chili into my mouth with far too much enthusiasm earlier. That all sounded negative…actually, it’s been nothing short of a nice day, despite all the issues that seem to relate to what’s going on in my face right now…

Sorry again, for that… I’ll move on…

It’s the last day of November already and I can assuredly say I’ve made the transition. I’m talking about the switch from small town USA to bigger town Scotland. I think I’m past the transitioning phase, actually, and onto whatever comes next. Maybe you might call it the settling-in phase. Funny enough, the settling-in phase has come around just in time for me to go back home in two weeks. I’ll only be home for a month, though, for Christmas with my family. Then I’ll be back in the game for another round.

From previous experience, once I move somewhere, the first time back to that same place after a long break is really different. A good sort of different. It, of course, feels more comforting than it did to arrive there the first time when everything was new and a bit overwhelming. It’s safe to say I’m looking forward to coming back in January with the feeling like, “Hey, I remember this place! Thanks for the warm welcome back, Dundoodles!”

Yeah, I’ve lived away from home before but I haven’t lived alone before. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have all the nerves about getting lonely, but truth be told it’s not as hard as I thought. I stay busy while I balance my school work and social time. And yeah, I do yoga so maybe you think balancing comes naturally for me. But I’m also the same person who can’t put shoes on standing up. So you decide. In terms of balancing all the things that keep me happy, though, I’ve really impressed myself. I also get really motivated by the little things that sometimes happen in my day like making it to the gym, sending a stack of postcards, saving money on something, washing the dishes, calling home…you get the point, you have those moments, too, I’m sure.

Well, I’d love to stay and write forever, but it’s time my cup of ice and I retire to the couch for the evening to navigate Netflix. But the question remains…should I put Gin on this ice or not…

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