The End is Nigh!

  • 24 November 2016, 09:21

Alright, so the end of the first semester and the end of the year are nigh, but you get my drift.

Christmas is near; therefore, winter break is near!

With the cooling temperatures, the “who turned out the lights?” darkness at 4pm, and finals coming up; do yourselves a favor and breathe!  Walk away from your laptop, get out of the library, and pull your nose out of that book!

I realize that this is similar to my post of Explore!, but it still holds true – you need to take a breather and regather your thoughts.  That fresh air or change of scenery can be the thing that helps you release some tension from your shoulders and work out that problem you’re stuck on.

Of course I know it’s cold outside – at this moment, I can see my breath and I’m sitting in my room in my flat, haha!  (Don’t worry, I like the cold so I’m bundled appropriately.  Oh, and we have heat; I’m just weird).

If the cold weather has you hiding inside, try popping into any of the local coffee shops – of which there are many, and apparently the least expensive in the UK – or head off to McManus Galleries for a relatively quiet stroll and check out some art.  Heck, hit DUSA for a quick game of pool or walk into a bookshop.

Just do yourselves a favor and walk away from that schoolwork for a hot minute and check out some local places for a little break – it will do your mind and body wonders!