All I want for Christmas is more Christmas markets

  • 27 November 2016, 11:19

Hi there!

Yesterday was a great day to be an exchange student at University of Dundee. As mentioned in an earlier post, one of the perks of being in Dundee, is that it’s close to everything. Christmas does something to me, and so far I’ve been to four Christmas markets in November. First one in Dundee, then the one in Edinburgh, than one in Broughty Ferry not far from here and then the last one in Edinburgh yesterday – again. It is actually six if you count the Scottish Christmas market that held place in Edinburgh as well!

Thankfully, the University offers a lot of opportunity for students that want to get the most of their stay here. We paid £7 for a go and return-bus ticket, and had the whole day for ourselves in Edinburgh. Adding to this, there were some free tickets for the Edinburgh Castle. I’ve never been, so my friends and I couldn’t turn that offer down! I’ll cover the whole day in this post, so get ready for a bunch of pictures to get you in the right Christmas spirit! (I’m listening to Christmas music myself, as we speak – and have been for weeks).


– The Castle –


First of all, let me thank this lovely girl in the middle for some of these pictures! She was my personal photographer at the castle for the day.

14976546_10210020099652225_5816318395240205722_o 15167518_10210020190934507_2943950505933555542_o

15235381_10210020093252065_1964332550175737448_o 15252512_10210020119452720_4002492877636654923_o

As you can see in this picture, we tried (and failed hard) to both point and strangle the horse.



The whole gang!

IMG_7564 IMG_7556


They also fires a canon at the castle every day at 1pm (correct me if I’m wrong). Susann got this on film, so have a look. It was pretty cool. I tried to myself, but got so surprised by it, that I accidentally deleted it. Even if I didn’t, hence my reaction it looked like I was the one getting shot, haha.

– The Christmas market –

The Christmas market was absolutely amazing! What felt like hundreds of booths filled with candy, homemade stuff, food, hot chocolate, mulled wine and lighting as far as you could see. There was even a Christmas tree-maze (!).

IMG_7587 IMG_7602 IMG_7604 IMG_7615 IMG_7612 IMG_7607 IMG_7608 IMG_7616 IMG_7621 IMG_7622 IMG_7624 IMG_7610

Haha, seller photobombing my picture – thumps up!


If reality and exams didn’t kick in, I would have gone back there today already! Since you heard from me last, me and a couple of guys from my class in UN Human Rights law have been quite busy planning a fundraising event for the Legal Center for Syrian refugees on the island of Lesbos. If you can’t wait for some more Christmas spirit, come to Chaplaincy centre tonight at 6pm for some lovely Christmas dinner and live music!


Love, Ine.

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My name is Ine, and I am a 22 year old girl from Norway. For my fifth year as a law student, I will be participating at the LLM program in International Criminal Justice & Human Rights at the University of Dundee.

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