How to survive the exam period

  • 7 December 2016, 10:18

To all of you out there still day-dreaming about Christmas break…

It’s exam period, you (I) forget how it’s like to have a life, you (I) update my home address to ’University Library’ and you (I) can’t find any valid reason for paying someone to let me do exams. You (I) look through out Facebook-news feed only to relate pictures like this:

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… Only to realize you are one Facebook instead of reading for the exam tomorrow. In my case, I write a blog post instead of reading for the exam tomorrow. So, I thought I would justify it by writing (myself) some tips for the exam period. They are as general as it gets, but I for once doesn’t seem to follow them and could use a reminder:


1.         Take breaks

This is both a tip to take breaks regularly as well as a suggestion not to start the reading of the day at 10pm. I find it to be more efficient to start the reading right away with my morning coffee as a study partner. I guess the hours doesn’t rush by as fast in the morning and therefore it feels like you study more? It makes me feel better, if nothing.

Breaks could be anything, but unless you obey your alarm clock easily, I would suggest you do something else than look at 1 hour-long episode of Westworld – “I’ll just watch ten minutes at the time”-doesn’t work for this one, that’s for sure.

2.         Relax

Stress doesn’t help anyone. Even if you are the kind of person that works better under pressure, you should make sure to plan your readings/writings and stick to the plan. It is always easier to feel like you did what you were supposed to for the day, and then set the work aside with a clean conscience.

3.         Meet up with some friends

If exams make your life seem kind of helpless or you just feel like you can’t move forward in your readings, meet up with a classmate or/and a friend for a coffee and talk about the new life after the exams, or better – just talk about something else to get your head elsewhere for a moment.

4.         Have some fun in-between readings

It’s something about students and the feeling of not being allowed to have fun when exams are around the corner. I can watch my TV-shows at home, alone in the dark, but I can’t attend events, go to a party or go out for dinner. Well, it’s no wonder we get a little depressed in December even with Christmas-decorations all over the place. Just make sure to prioritize the rest of your day, and I’m sure the marker won’t punish you for a little funtime, right? … right?

5.         Go outside – fresh air to clear your head

I already mentioned breaks, friends and fun, but nothing give you a better kick-start for a new study-session than a little walk outside in some fresh air. And before you complain about the weather – it was 14 degrees outside in Dundee today on 7th of December(!!!) May be the Norwegian in me talking, but that’s just crazy.

6.         Get enough food and sleep

I know what you’re thinking – you eat all the time. Snack for every chapter/article/page/paragraph, am I right? Well, my point is to get some healthy food; a good dinner, fruit, nuts, vegetables and a good breakfast to get the day started. As my mom taught me, you don’t find a lot of vitamins and nutrients in Spicy Curry Noodles for dinner.

The key-tip for every exam-period is to get enough sleep. Go to bed early and get up early. It won’t help you on the way to A-grade if you go to bed at 3am and hit your alarm repeatedly at 7am. I just read a study stating that the brain process your day during your sleep (given), so what’s the use if you have to get up to do the same reading as yesterday just because you didn’t let your brain do the work while you sleep?


7.         Remember – it is just an exam

Yes, I said it. Actually, my teacher said it. Our nice teacher in UN Human Rights Law sent us an email where she told us that “At the end of the day, you are each of you far greater than this exam, don’t let it stress you out. Rest well and enjoy it if you can.” I don’t know about the last part, but I’ll definitely live by that rule.

Another fellow blogger has written a blog post of tips as well, but I guess you can never get enough of them (and, also – this may be the only thing I can manage to write about these days). By the way, I just realized that hardly any of my tips said something about tip for reading for the exam, but I guess that was given? If not – remember to read!


Love, Ine.

Written by:

My name is Ine, and I am a 22 year old girl from Norway. For my fifth year as a law student, I will be participating at the LLM program in International Criminal Justice & Human Rights at the University of Dundee.

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