Semester 1: A Review

  • 12 December 2016, 07:49

It’s that time of the year when we start to look back and see what we have done or learnt in the past few months. As for me, these past few months were like a thrill packed roller coaster ride. I did a lot, met a lot of people, studied a lot, memorized a lot and even ate a lot. So let’s take a look at the various activities I was lucky enough to be part of this past semester:

Cooking for myself:

In Dundee, university accommodations are not catered, so it’s on us to cook for ourselves. After being cooked for my whole life, it was in Dundee that I found out that I am not that bad of a cook myself. I cooked for over 20 people for 3 different events and was pleasantly surprised that everyone liked my food! I am not bragging but apparently I am good guys! (hahaha!) Well, at least now, I can tell myself I have developed a new skill.

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Friends’ birthdays:

Being away from family, the only people who are always there for you, to be concerned about and to do things for you in Dundee are your friends. And if it’s their birthday, it has to be celebrated. I have had several of close friends celebrate their birthdays here. And if they are international students I usually take special interest in making sure their birthdays turn out amazing. One of the birthdays, I had to get over 25 people together, and had to cook for them. The cooking part was not that hard as I had help from many others whom I am very thankful for. The more difficult part was getting the people together. Making sure the birthday surprise stays as a surprise. (to be honest, I let the cat out of the bag most of the time).

Though it was hard work, I honestly believe those will be the time, I will remember the most from my stay in Dundee thus far.


My friend Laura’s Birthday!

Get together and Catch ups:

Continuing from above, spending time with your friends, is one the best ways to relief stress and cure your homesickness. And that was made possible by all the events organised by the various societies. Having regular meet-ups, and get together makes sure, the seniors know the juniors. I believe that aspect of the evenings were  very important, as crucial information and knowledge on how to study, who to ask for help, what to do and when to do what would be transferred from the seniors to juniors.

I personally have benefited from these sharings with my Singaporean seniors, especially in the areas of looking for accommodation for next year, on how to study and who to ask for help with regards to academics and other general enquiries. I hope to consolidate all these info and pass it on to the next batch of juniors too.

Local Dundee Events:

Dundee is a small city, we all know that. But it is also a very happening city. The Dundee city council takes a lot of pride in arranging for events involving the community, such as: farmers markets, Christmas markets, Black Friday sale nights and even festivals (Arts, Science and etc.). And as part of the university we have a lot of opportunities to be able to take part in such events to get to know the city we live in more.

I was not able to go to all the events I stated above but for those I went, each one of them was amazing! Well organised, systematic and overall a pleasant experience. I wish I had gone to more. But then again, I still have another semester and many more to go for them all. If you have not gone to any of the events, I strongly recommend you do! Check out this websites to know more:  the Dundee city council website ( and the Dundee events listing website (




Reflections for Semester 1

Hope you all enjoyed this semester, and if not; don’t sweat it! Let bygones be bygones. Always remember, things always happen for a reason and whatever happens, it will always be something you can handle. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Come back refreshed and ready for Semester 2, honestly how hard can that be?

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