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  • 15 December 2016, 03:40

NoIMG_0048w that exams are done and dusted and the post-exam celebration is starting to die down, you may be starting to feel like you have nothing much to do…But fear not, because I have a fantastic solution for that- why not bring out your inner foodie? One of the best things about Dundee is that although it is a small city, the range of restaurants is fantastic. So let me take a moment to share some of my favorite places that I have discovered over the past year and a half.

Being a student, although I love to indulge on food, eating out comes with a price (like literally). Nevertheless I did come to realize that there are still many places which are quite economical. To begin with if you are one for enjoying Chinese cuisines I woulIMG_0049d recommend you trying either Chopstixs which is located in the Overgate or Mandarin Garden. Chopsticks gives you a very filling portions all for a fiver, and it is an added bonus if you know the people who work there because they give you a bigger portion! I would defiantly try their Korean BBQ chicken. Mandarin Garden on the other hand is a little pricey but does authentic Chinese cuisine so it is definitely worth your money. Do try the Singaporean Noodles and Spring Rolls.

IMG_0050Furthermore, if you enjoy Mexican food, I would recommend going to either Jack and Jones or Wee Mexico. Again both of these places are quite reasonably prices and at the same time have really delicious food. If you go to Jack and Jones definitely try out their enchiladas (you get free nachos too) and if you go to Wee Mexico do try their burritos. Moreover for Indian cuisines, I become quite picky with the restaurants I choose to go to because being an Indian myself, any Indian cuisine I try I automatically compare it to my mother’s cooking. Though I have to admit that the Indian restaurant Rishi’s does a pretty good attempt at matching the level of my mother’s cooking. I would definitely try their Biryani and Lamb Dosa.

In addition to this, Dundee also has a quite a few pubs and cafes which serve great food. One of my favorite cafe’s to go for breakfast or a brunch would have to be Pacamara. The interior of the place is very cute and cozy and makes it the ideal place to go on a Sunday to recover from that hangover. Defiantly would recommend trying out their Blueberry and Lemon Curd Pancakes. Another place that I recently discovered was Nicolls Bar and Restaurant. It is a classic pub wIMG_3738ith great food and quite reasonably priced as well. When I went there for our flat Christmas dinner I had a traditional fish and chips and was not disappointed one bit. As well as this, if you are craving pizza but are tired of having Domino’s and Pizza Hut, I would suggest trying out Project Pie. I love this place because you get to build your very own pizza and add absolutely anything you want.

SIMG_0046o there you have it, these are some of my favourite restaurants- although there are many that I haven’t mentioned and I could keep writing, except then this post would never end!

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Hey guys! I am Simran Chopra, and I am a hybrid Indian by ethnicity but I grew up in the barren lands of the nomads- Oman. Now I am pretty sure most of you don’t know where Oman is, so let me give you a quick geography lesson. Oman is a small country located in the Middle East and is right by Dubai (UAE). Also why a hybrid Indian? That’s because I have parents from the North and South of India hence the term hybrid!

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    1. Linsey Morgans

      Hi Simran, another foodie place that has not long opened, Food Anarchy! You should check it out. It is the smallest restaurant in Dundee on the Perth Road and most unusual with graffiti art on walls; vegan; vegetarian; gluten free. Street food from around the world, food made fresh to order. It is a wow… you must try it.

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