Reflecting on 2016.

  • 18 January 2017, 10:06

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Although 2017 is already well underway, I felt that it is always important to reflect on the year that has just passed. 2016 has been described¬†as being ‘the worst year’. I agree that there were a lot of difficult times with world crises, deaths and life changing events that seemed to have severe consequences. However, there has also been a lot of great times in the past year.

In my own life, 2016 was a great year of achievement and it was a year of growth and development. I believe that it is important to not only look at the struggles and how you came through them but also to celebrate your accomplishments. My biggest accomplishments/events last year were –

  • Getting into University
  • Moving out
  • Being Maid of Honour at my sisters wedding
  • Passing all my exams
  • Passing my driving test
  • Volunteering in Africa
  • Watching my brother graduate
  • Making amazing friends

It seems that in life we sometimes focus on the negatives and that brings us down mentally, physically and emotionally. However, I have felt that during 2016 I began to look at my life and not see the failures but I started seeing all that I had accomplished and how it all led me to be at this point in life. It is a strange concept to think that everything in life happens for a reason, the good and the bad. I have been blessed to have had incredible experiences with awesome people to support me along the way and I hope that throughout 2017 I will have just as many adventures with these people.

Now I am not one for setting myself new years resolutions. However, I do feel that it is important to set goals for during the year.

  • Pass 1st year at University
  • Go on a holiday
  • Try new foods
  • Keep up the gym (maybe)
  • Have more patience
  • Spend more time with family
  • Go on a road trip
  • Forgive more
  • Work hard
  • Make it to 21

Now, I may not complete them to the best of my ability or at all but I strongly believe that setting targets for yourself that can be achievable will lead to a productive year and will allow you to achieve your own goals. I am greatly looking forward to what 2017 has to offer and I will try and enjoy it in the moment as much as possible. I wish everyone a happy 2017 and I hope that it will be blessed!

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Hey there!

My name is Natasha and I am 20.

I live in Dundee and I am attending the University of Dundee, training to be a primary teacher.

I love candles and Japanese movies.

Live simple, dream big, love lots, be fabulous.

Much Love x

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