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Yes folks, I knew that title would catch your attention. It’s true; at this point in time money does matter. Before I continue, I would like to emphasize money is not everything in life, living the moment and being able to be emotionally available and being able to love means much more than having a million bucks in your account. Having that in mind, being able to stretch your pound and being able to save money is also something that will make our lives better. It’s no surprise living on a budget is not easy especially when you are a student and don’t have access to that much funds to live comfortably if not adequately.  I am an international student and living on a budget is my thing, not that I am bragging but I think I am kind of getting the hang of it guys! Here is some knowledge I have acquired over the past month, hope it helps.


[box type=”info”] Note: I may cite examples of stores and commercial places, please note that I do not mean to advertise them, or promote them. It is solely to help more people know about these amazing deals. Also, these tips were correct at the point of publishing this article, so do check up on these one more time online! [/box]


TIP 1: A night out on budget!

Well, it’s no doubt; this is our most important concern. I agree a night out can be a student’s most expensive activity. So how do we have fun on a budget? Well, for one choose your event and search for offers. The DUSA organizes a lot

Stag Night Party.

of different kinds of themed-events almost every week, proving why they are the best in Scotland. And when they do it, they send out discount cards to get more people to come for these events. These discounts range from free, 50% off to 1 pound off. These cards are usually handed out by DUSA employees outside

'A night out is good for a person. I'm figuring on a new handbag.'

the Union, in the student accommodation and even in the Liar Bar or  Pavement Café. Many people may have heard about it and even used it but, many of my friends still seem to be shocked when I say I got these cards and they did not. SO here is what you can do: when you see these employees hand out cards, don’t be shy to ask for more.Share these cards with your friends who might not have purchased a black card. Help them and yourself have a budget night out!

TIP 2: Search for the Deals!

Dundee is a student town and naturally there are loads of student deals everywhere, but people don’t look out for these! It maybe that I am just a little too meticulous to details but I love searching for these deals; anyone who knows me can testify to that. So here are some examples:

cooking_93405In Tesco, meal deals are available, so make use of them. Many of us use ready cooked meals almost every day, so it’s common to spend quite a bit on it. Why not make use of the deals, right now Tesco is running a Chinese New Year sale, and that comes with several box meals for two, four and even meal deals which include appetisers, 2 main course meals and even a dessert. It is cheaper than just buying random ones just off the shelves; with little more effort we can save a lot of cash. Another way to reduce more money, start cooking! I know it is tough and too much work but home cooked meals are not only more nutritious but also cheaper on a longer term.Gordon-Ramsay-cartoon-cjmadden

These meal deals are not only in supermarkets, premier shops run by DUSA have various meal deal options. Ranging from 2 pounds and upwards the meal deals help you cover a meal easily and cheaply!

The food stores all around the campus and the city has loads and loads of offers. The sheer amount to leaflets and pamphlets is evident enough. Of course, if you were to do it every day it might get expensive but for the convenience of it, I would think once in a while it fine to indulge. But when you do, be sure to get the student deals – exploit your UOD student card!

TIP 3: Managing your finance

'We do savings and cheque, not twitter accounts!'

I know the heading might be a bit off putting but this is a key piece of the puzzle that will really help you in a great way in being about to be fiscally responsible and independent.  GO Get a BANK ACCOUNT. Something which might seem easy but, dear god….it is tough. The best time is usually the start of each semester when the bank are giving out great deals on interest rates and perks to lure you in. SO what do we do? Which bank to choose? The first thing you have to consider is choose a bank which is or is related to where your source of money is going to be. For example, I am from Singapore, therefore my preferred bank choices were HSBC, RBOS and Barclays – all of which have branches in Singapore and therefore can be useful in dealing with any issues. The next thing to consider is the perks which come with the account. There are two different types of accounts; one is the student account which comes with a lot more perks and rewards, the other which is the current account which comes with an interest rate but not that many rewards. Account theft.The other thing to consider, the type of service you get in each bank. As far as service goes, Dundee is generally a lovely place. But this is very subjective and many of you might have different views and opinions on this. I use RBOS and I can safely say the service there is great, not a single bad experience and I can be quite the handful at times.

This might seem quite obvious to many to get a bank account but many of my friends have yet to get one, it can be an arduous process but it helps significantly for you fiscal management and will come in handy when you work or claim receipts.

TIP 4: Ask for help!

'I need help in being able to ask for help.' - 'Okay, you need help.'

Managing finances can be tough, so ask for help. The enquiry centre is a great place to start. Asking your seniors will be great too, they have been here longer so possibly wiser on these things. You can also ask your peers whom you might think have a better grip on these things. TBH, it’s better to ask then to be wrong about these issues. Managing finance is not a thing you learn once and that’s it. It is a long term learning process, no one at this age will be an expert on this stuff but it is possible to the most about it.




Reflections of Week 2

Semester has begun, things might have been a bit shaky for some, but that’s university!  Stand up, shake it off and move forward! It can be tough but it is passable; get help and go help others. Managing finance is also very much like that. It may seem easy, but you will need to put the effort in to seek out the different deals and discounts. It may be tough but the savings you get will make it all worth it.  Feel free to use this page to share what kind of deals you have found out, or at least share them with you friends. Honestly, how hard can it be?

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