Chinese New Year 2017

  • 6 February 2017, 11:15

As a student from Singapore, Chinese New Year is one thing we are used to celebrating every year. This 2 week long festive season is a fun filled time of eating and meeting new friends. In Singapore, Chinese New Year is always a big thing, you will see decorations everywhere: on the streets and in almost all shopping malls and public places, as though the whole of Singapore turned into a big Chinatown. But, in Dundee how do we recreate this? Well, it happened with the help of some caring friends and 2 great societies!


The Eve of Chinese New Year:

The festive season started off with a bang, when we were invited to St Peter’s Church, by a gracious host who was visiting Dundee from China, for a wonderful authentic Chinese meal. There were at least 25 dishes that day, each one of them made fresh in the church kitchen. It has been so long since I had anything similar to it. Unfortunately, I did not remember to take any pictures, as I was more busy eating! Hahahaha! The evening was just simply amazing, good food great company and in the loving presence of god, it was an evening to remember!


The Day of Chinese New Year:

Well the sweetest thing happened, on Deepavali my fellow Indian friend and I cooked for the rest of our friends from Singapore, today they did the same for us! They cooked classic Singaporean dishes such as Prawn Mee Soup and Laksa! That was accompanied by classic treats such a Pineapple tarts and Muruku! For a Southeast Asian, it cannot get better than that! We were so lucky to have such thoughtful friends! Thank you guys!



The 2nd Day of Chinese New Year:

Well, to make the celebration just that much better, SingSoc and DUMAS co-organized a Chinese New year celebration. There was a wide range of homemade Chinese food, we made a dragon out of hangbao (red packet) covers, and even had a fashion show to showcase the traditional outfits some of our friends had worn that day. Great food, best company it was truly an unforgettable night! Photo courtesy: Singapore Society



Reflections of Week 3

Festivals and celebrations are a key part of anyone’s lives. It not only helps you connect with your roots but also allows you to spend quality time with your loved ones. Though we were not able recreate the authentic Chinese New Year experience, we could celebrate together as one family and isn’t that what really matters? School and examinations already make our lives difficult and stressful, quality time with people you know and love is what will make it better and easier to cope with. I honesty do feel this has indeed been the best Chinese New Year I have celebrated. I would like to thank everyone who made it possible! Now that the festive season is almost over, it is time to get down to business.  Time to study, stay tuned for my next post on my tips to study! Because honestly, how hard can that be?

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