Feel Like Having a Snowstorm-Sunday in Scotland

  • 6 February 2017, 06:36
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The Norwegian in me can’t make sense of a February without a meter of snow blocking my front door, and without doing weekly legdays outside trying to get to the bus stop. But no matter how refreshing it is to experience a non-snow winter, I still miss the sight of the beautiful white mountains. Luckily, only one hour drive from Dundee you can get back to ‘Norway’. In gorgeous Glen Isla there is several mountains easily accessible by foot.

We went for Monamenah, in Auchavan at the head of Glen Isla. It was a 2,5-3 hours walk, 444m ascent and about 5,25km distance. The mountain was sadly covered in fog and the snowstorm at the top stopped us from enjoying the non-existing view.


When we came under the fog, however, the area was beautiful and I would absolutely recommend everyone to visit the mountain in the winter. Scotland has so many extraordinary areas, and it would be a shame to not experience some of them during your stay here.


And many thanks to my fellow hiking mates for some of these pictures.


Love, Ine

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My name is Ine, and I am a 22 year old girl from Norway. For my fifth year as a law student, I will be participating at the LLM program in International Criminal Justice & Human Rights at the University of Dundee.

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