Chasing 2017

  • 7 March 2017, 11:51

2017 has been running full speed ahead and let me tell you, I am on its heals. And I love it.

At Dundee University, every day is a little different. A bit of this and a bit of that, and a lot of this and a lot of that. There is so much to do – which is fantastic considering there happens to be a trap of missing home that I fall into if I don’t stay busy. Staying busy keeps my mind off home, keeps me working hard on my degree, keeps me waking up in a good mood, and offers me new experiences and the chance to see new places.

I arrived back in Dundee around the middle of January to kick off a new semester determined to really start 2017 off right. Since coming back, this is what I have found myself getting into.


January 25. MSc Sustainability field trip to Falkland Estate where we presented our research proposals and took an afternoon hike. You can read more about our day here.

January 27. I popped my headphones in and strolled up to the Law watching the hungry fog devour the Tay. All the moody feels. 

January 31. Our friend, Pernille, finished her Erasmus and we threw her a laid back going away party before she returned to Denmark. Come back, Pernille!! 

February 1. Made a rock climbing video at Avertical World and you can see it here.

February 3. Two of my friends and I tried to see the movie, Lion at the DCA but there was only one ticket left. We went to Trainspotting instead…I would tell you about it, but I think it’s enough to mention that I fell asleep.

February 4. Went on a Surf Club trip to Lunan Bay. Honestly, donning a wet wetsuit is nothing short of torture. 

February 5. Went on a hike in gorgeous Glen Isla. It was a warm snow. Does that make sense? Kindof? You can read about it and see more photos on my friend, Ine’s post.

February 11. A few friends and I like to go to Tay Bridge Pub on Perth road and play Monopoly. I’m not sure what I like most – the drinks, the company, or the competition. Just kidding, it’s definitely the company. I think.

February 12. Realized upgrading from two feet to two wheels on a bike is life changing. Took my new bike out for a spin and you can read about it here

February 13. Ventured to Glenshee to snowboard and tackle button lifts. You can read about it here.

February 18. Our friend, Jan, is from Germany and he wanted to make traditional mulled wine for us around Christmas time but we didn’t have the time until now. A sugar block is soaked in rum and then lit on fire! As it burns, the sugar drips into the wine. Wine, rum, and sugar…I mean, yeah I’ll have another! 

February 20. It felt like the first really beautiful day of 2017 but I had too much work to do to be outside, so I did the next best thing and did my work where I had the best view: The Tower Café. 

February 21. Tried our hand at trivia at the Surf Club Pub Quiz in the D’Arcy Thompson pub. Still upset I couldn’t spell Matthew McConaughey’s last name. 

February 22. The Annual Centre for Environmental Change and Human Resilience (CECHR) Symposium. I dig deeper into the day’s activities over on CECHR’s blog page.

February 26. Rucksack trip Exploring St. Andrews. A hiking trip to Ben Vorlich with the Rucksack Club was supposed to happen, but in reality I turned off my alarm in my sleep. With lingering bitterness about what happened, I turned my day around when I took a trip to St. Andrews instead and discovered it might be the most photogenic city I have been to so far.


A twin to this post – about last semester’s festivities – can be found here!

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