Castle on a Cliff: Dunnottar Castle

snow storm dunnottar castle - scotland
Snow storm coming in from the sea

Castles!  Who doesn’t love a castle?  There’s so much history (skilled laborers, servants, nobility, events, and all of those stories entwined) involved that it makes my little history-loving heart go all aflutter.

Seriously, it is really cool to live in an area that has over 30 castles in a 30-mile radius, quite a few which are open for us to descend upon like locusts.

Less than an hour up the road from Dundee is Dunnottar Castle.  Now, if you know anything (real) about William Wallace, you’ll know that he’s said to have managed his way into the castle and took out an English garrison.  Dude… sneaking into that place is a feat unto itself, just look at the pictures!

Did he have some magical cloaking device, circa 1297?  Either way, he apparently did it and that’s just baller.

The University’s history club sent an open invite for anyone who wanted to join them back in February, unfortunately, I couldn’t go with them, but my partner happened to come up so we got a hire car for the weekend and went to see it for ourselves.

It was cold, windy, snowy, cold, windy, snowy, and cold and windy, haha!  Totally worth the cold hands – this is just another reason to always look at the forecast and prep for the potential weather you might find yourself up against.  Thankfully, gloves, hiking boots, etc. all came in handy and the only thing to suffer were my fingers as I had to keep pulling them out of the gloves to take a few shots on my camera phone.

The site has some pretty amazing history outside of William Wallace, naturally, so head on over to the Dunnottar website and go check out the place for yourself: be prepared to walk up some steps, ya’ll.


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