2017-review so far

  • 1 April 2017, 09:49

We’re closing up on April, and the end of my Dundee-exchange is just around the corner (okay, it’s still 4 months away, but time flies. After getting this great idea from Courtney (read her post here) I decided to take a look at my year so far.


January 9.-16.

After a lovely Christmas back home, I had an amazing week in Imsouane, Morocco with the Surf Club. I recommend everyone to join this awesome sports club (they go there every year, the rumor says!).


January 27.-28

Went to the lovely Burn House you can read about here


January 21.

We said goodbye to our favorite Danish girl which headed back to Denmark after a semester in Dundee. She couldn’t leave us for long, and is visiting again in May!


February 3.

Went to see Trainspotting. It was quite good (for those of us who managed to stay awake).


February 4.

Another Surf trip at Lunan Bay with the surf club. Cold, but totally worth it!


February 5.

Had a snowy trip to Glen Isla. I wrote about that here. I just now realize how similar my post is to Courtney’s… We hang out too much.


February 7.

Free dinner and talk for international students. You should definitely check out some of these events. The International Student Society has several throughout the year.


February 14.

Valentine’s day with these lovely ones. Add wine and a romantic movie


February 16.

Went to a whiskey tasting-session with the Dundee Whiskey Society. Highly recommended for whiskey-lovers.


February 18.

Game night, with real German mulled wine. So cool!


February 20.

Back up the law in the beautiful sunny weather!


February 21.

Surf Club Pub Quiz! That’s all I want to say about that…


February 24.

Went to St. Andrews with a couple of friends visiting from Norway


February 25.

When you have visitors a walk up the Law is compulsory.


February 28.

Saw the award-winning Moonlight at the DCA!


March 1

I have never had a more meaningful skip school-day than this (link) trip to Abroath.


March 9-10

Went to Aberdeen.


March 10

Went on a Pot Luck-night (everyone bring a dish from their home country) with some cool people. The food was amazing.


March 11.

Went to see one of Scotland’s rugby games at the Union. Let’s not talk about the score.


March 12.

Yet another movie at DCA. This time it was Hidden Figures. HIGHLY recommend this one. Such funny and strong movie!


March 17.

St. Patrick’s day!! And also, I finally moved in to my new flat. Renovated and with a bathtub – now I just need some hot water in here.


March 23.-24.

Went on a roadtrip which you can read about here

Love, Ine

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My name is Ine, and I am a 22 year old girl from Norway. For my fifth year as a law student, I will be participating at the LLM program in International Criminal Justice & Human Rights at the University of Dundee.

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