Trip to Edinburgh Castle

Now that semester 2 has come to an end I thought it would be worth while to see some more of Scotland and have a little break over the weekend before diving head-first into revision. I hopped on the train from Dundee to Edinburgh Waverley, of which the journey is approximately an hour and a half, and stayed in a lovely hotel for two nights.


On Saturday, I decided to visit St. Giles Cathedral on the Royal Mile and when I arrived I entered into a beautiful candle lit hall, full with the smell of incense and the sound of a live pianist. I looked at various memorials and a room full of various coat of arms as light spilled through intricate stained glass windows, and before leaving, lit a candle in the main hall.

I continued up the cobbled street of the Royal Mile towards the castle past various shops selling an assortment of tweed, whisky and cashmere scarves. At the top of the hill stood the castle with a brilliant view of Edinburgh city and once inside, after a £17 admission fee, the views from the castle walls were even more astounding.

I had never been inside Edinburgh castle before so I am pleased to say that my first experience was wonderful. Inside there was an opportunity for whisky tasting so I tried this lovely scotch from Perth and even bought a tiny little bottle as a souvenir. It was also possible to view various historic exhibitions and see the old prisons and the dinning hall. I also visited St. Margaret’s Chapel at the very top and saw Mon’s Meg perched outside facing Princes Street. It was certainly well worth the money.


There a plenty of opportunities to learn more about the various things you can see at Edinburgh castle by reading the plaques however its also possible to use an audio-guide available from the ticket booth, however I just went around the castle with a local (who was pretty knowledgeable anyway!).

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