Roadtrip Madness.

  • 9 April 2017, 10:53

Hey there,

Welcome to another blog post!

As we are now in April, I am beginning to feel the university has definitely gone faster than I ever imagined it would. With all of my essays and assignments submitted all that is left for me finishing 1st year is placement and I couldn’t be more excited as it is one of the most important parts of university for me.

However, before I get to placement I am enjoying the Easter holidays and the time I have been able to spend with family and friends. For the first part of week 1 of Easter I was at home celebrating birthdays, eating what I wanted and enjoying my family’s company. I was able to relax and unwind which is especially important when uni work has been submitted.

For the second part of week 1 I went to my friends hometown to meet her family and spend time where she grew up. This was an amazing mini holiday as the three of us were able to explore, eat, party and chill. On the first day we went to Stonehaven to visit a particularly good ice cream shop. Whilst there were went on a walk to see a castle and sat on the beach next to it. As I have always grown up by the seaside, this is nothing new for me, however, it always surprises me how calming and enjoyable it is to sit by the sea and reflect. After our trip to Stonehaven, we went into Aberdeen and found ourselves playing mini golf and bowling. Although we are not experts in these ‘games’ and we are great friends we seem to be to competitive for our own good and we found pleasure in insulting one another! When we reached my friends home we met her family and settled in. It was surprisingly easy to be around her family it seemed liked I had known them for a long time – not just 1 hour!

On the next day of our adventure we drove round my friends hometown, getting to see where she grew up. I always find this fascinating as you can hear stories about a place but you never really get a feel for it until you are there in person. After a tour of her town we went on a wonder up a rather large hill and though the journey up was tiring – the view from the top was spectacular. That same night I had my first night out in Aberdeen and it was an interesting experience that I won’t go into to much detail about but lets just say it ended with a 3am trip to McDonalds and I was more than happy to sit with my happy meal and a milkshake. 

Although we were only away for 2 days I thoroughly enjoyed the trip as it allowed us to become closer as friends but also to have time away from Dundee and our normal routine. For the rest of Easter I will be working away at my new job and preparing for placement when university starts back. I have had a great year so far and I cannot believe that we are over a quarter of the way through 2017!!

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Hey there!

My name is Natasha and I am 20.

I live in Dundee and I am attending the University of Dundee, training to be a primary teacher.

I love candles and Japanese movies.

Live simple, dream big, love lots, be fabulous.

Much Love x

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