Happy Easter!

  • 18 April 2017, 09:00

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I have never really been too fond of this time of year as it has always been either the build up to exams, the last leg of the school year or the holidays are never quite as exciting as Summer. This is especially key to me as I am definitely a winter person and I love all things Christmas! However, this year has been different for me and I have found myself rather enjoying the Easter break.

For this year in particular it has been all about celebrations. I started my new job and absolutely loved it, I went on a mini holiday break with my two best friends, I went home and spent about a week with my family with birthday and engagement celebrations and I was able to be in the church I grew up in for holy week. It is a strange concept of having to grow up and move away, however, during term time I don’t really feel that I am not around family but when it comes to holidays and long weekends I
really begin to miss them.

I have found during this year that I have not focused on Easter time being about stressing for exams or having to work hard during the holidays because I have to. I have found this break to be refreshing and it has given me time to do work that I enjoy as well as spending quality time with the people that are closest to me.

All good holidays must come to an end though but I am delighted that I will be going back on placement for 4 weeks and I will be able to put into practice all the learning and researching I have been doing throughout the year at university. I find that the more I think about this placement becoming a taster to what I will hopefully be doing for the rest of my working life, the more I am excited and motivated to work harder and set higher expectations of myself and the people around me.

Overall I have had a great Easter break and I am thoroughly looking forward to summer to see what I will be getting up to. However, I have a lot to do before then and I cannot believe that I only have 4 weeks left of 1st year!

Galatians 2:20.

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Hey there!

My name is Natasha and I am 20.

I live in Dundee and I am attending the University of Dundee, training to be a primary teacher.

I love candles and Japanese movies.

Live simple, dream big, love lots, be fabulous.

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