Spring Has Sprung!

Spring is a glorious time of year.  The trees are flowering, the flowers are blooming. the sheep have welcomed their adorable little lambs, and a million other reasons.  The only downside is allergies, but thanks to a kindly gentleman inventing Benadryl some 70-odd years ago, many of us can now enjoy it without sneezing our faces off!

I spent Easter week down in England with my partner and his kids eating muddy buddies, (finally) painting some of the rooms in our very white-walled house, traversing the outside place, and generally having family time.  It was awesome!

After the kids went back home to their mum’s, Matt and I decided to spend a half day out on a beautiful day in a beautiful town called Southwell (pr: suth-all) which actually has a good bit of history from the English Civil War tied to it.

Anywho, I digress.  Case and point of this post: go outside and enjoy this beautiful time of year!  Open your eyes to the glorious colors making their appearance not only in gardens, but also in the odd places.  See what you can discover in the ‘outside place’!

The Archbishop's Palace Garden - Birch Trees and Tulips - Southwell, England

Purple and White Tulip - Ruins - Historic Garden - Southwell, England - Archbishop's Palace

Southwell, England - Archbishop's Palace Garden
Ruins of the Archbishop’s Palace

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