• 24 April 2017, 08:26

So far this year we have been blessed with some beautiful weather here in Dundee, so with the semester drawing to a close I’ve highlighted some places you can visit once those all-important exams are over and (hopefully) the sun is shining- after a celebratory drink and catching up on all that sleep, of course!

Driving across the bridge towards Dundee, here you can see how the new V&A is coming along!


Balgay Park is definitely worth a visit! There’s also ghost stories surrounding this bridge if you do a bit of research…


Of course, The Law provides the best viewing platform of our wee city


View from across the water in Tayport- look at the beautiful water! Amazing that all of this is so close to the city


Visit to Laird’s Loch, not too far from Dundee (though we did drive) sooo peaceful and nice to have a break from the world


Broughty Ferry beach! Still annoyed that it took me so long to make my way down to here when it’s so easy and so lovely!


Brought Castle in the distance!


And another view from Tayport!
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