A Year in Dundee

I’ve spent two years in Dundee now, but I figured I’d take the time to reflect on this one. I’ve come up to Scotland from the very South East of England and in my first year I focused mostly on not feeling too homesick and trying to make it a home away from home. This year however, I’ve been far more adventurous and decided to try to lap up all the culture I can and truly feel at home in Scotland. So here are a few things I’ve learnt this year whilst here in Scotland.


  1. Haggis is an amazing food, so amazing that Robert Burns wrote a poem about it.
  2. No Haggis is not an animal, though I knew this already, however, I did learn many a thing about the famous highland roaming creature: namely its three legs are unevenly sized so that it can traverse the hills, and many other wonderful ‘facts’.
  3. When you go to Edinburgh, you will be asked where the castle is or even if there is a castle at all, even when you can see it, right there.
  4. The view of Dundee from the quite town of Newport-On-Tay is not to be missed, though its quite a walk, so wear sensible shoes… unlike me.
  5. Renting a flat in Dundee is surprisingly cheap, and the advice the university provides on renting private accommodation is worth praising.
  6. The Trossachs and Loch Lomond, are beautiful.
  7. Callendar, a little town near the above, sells the best tablet.
  8. But for the best tablet ice cream, head to Broughty Ferry.
  9. You can see Broughty Ferry Castle from the Law, may have to squint a bit though, but you can, I promise.
  10. The best coffee on campus is in the Liar Bar, I would know, I practically live off the stuff.
  11. On the topic of drinks, you can sip whisky at the top of Edinburgh castle.
  12. And on the topic of Whisky: there is a difference between Whisky and Whiskey. Whisky is the Scottish one, and the best in my opinion.
  13. It is impossible to read a book by Irvine Welsh without mouthing the words. And it took me a good few chapters to realise that ‘fitba’ was football… and not some sort of fitness bar where the treadmills have little salad vending machines or something.
  14. Edinburgh has a fantastic selection of independent bookshops.
  15. Dundee has a fantastic selection of comic bookshops.

So there you have it! A few little things I’ve picked up so far. I hope you enjoyed reading. Let me know what you’ve learnt about Scotland, or any other cultures for that matter in the comments below.

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Hi! I come from Kent, England and am currently studying Art Philosophy at DJCAD. I also write for The Magdalen, a student run magazine at the university. I'm always looking for new ways to get involved at the university and make the most of my time here.

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