Crunch Time for Undergrads!

Pound a Redbull, run 5 miles, sit on a green field, or procrastinate up until the wee hours before your exams, because no matter what you do, they are coming.

Sure, I could have included some cliche line about “winter is coming”, but I think we’ve Game of Thrones’d out the universe on that one.

For those of you worrying about these exams, just do yourselves a favor and remember that they are essentially pressure tests.  They are really to measure you’re ability to perform under pressure, and not necessarily made to measure your knowledge and ability to remember quotes, point-on facts, and citation 101.

To be honest, I have never really been a big fan of unseen tests, and especially, of essay tests.  Tests, in general, have always annoyed me.  My reasons for disliking them are simple: in the real world, no one is going to give you two-hours to write an essay.

What you’ll likely get is a couple of hours to put together a response to a known issue or technology, and provide it to your boss.  You’ll have access to computers, smartphones, and subject matter experts to help you put it all together.  Tests like this don’t necessarily prepare you for how you’ll actually respond to a task handed down to you in the adult world, but it will (or, it should) help you learn how to pull out the important points and get them across in a limited time period.

Calling these a Catch-22 wouldn’t be far from the mark.

If you’re stressing, try to take a step back and breathe.  Read the slides for the portions of the course that you struggled with and any essential readings that go along with them if you feel you need them.  Don’t revise every single thing the course went over – most of that information, or the basic lay down of it is already in your head.

Now… I suppose that’s a wee bit different in if you’re in some sort of mathematics or science-type course that requires you to know equations.  For those of you in that seat, I wish you good luck and am sincerely grateful I am not numbers-savvy.

Good luck to all!  You’ll do fine, and even if you don’t – this isn’t the end of your life, so try to remind yourself of that.

Written by:

A 32-year old American student who loves hiking, camping, traveling, and is overly fond of Reese's and roasted marshmallows.

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