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Hello! Since this is my first blog post I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Stuart, I’m from Glasgow but currently living in Dundee and studying MA Economics with Spanish at UoD. Now going into my fourth year at uni, I moved to Dundee about three years ago, having left school at the end of my sixth year.

I’d say moving away from home at age 17 was a little bit daunting at first but you soon get over the initial nerves and settle in to the student buzz of Dundee. Plus it wasn’t a total dive into the unknown –I’d already been to the university on one of the open days so had an idea of how to get around campus and what the student accommodation was like. Then freshers’ week goes past in such a blur – with so many events taking place around campus, people to meet, societies and sports teams to join and, of course, nights out at the union – before you know it you’re a fully-fledged Dundonian.

After that the more serious stuff starts. I met with my advisor and discussed the modules I’d take in my first year. I actually began my studies at Dundee as an International Business student but the flexibility of the degree pathways allowed me to switch to Economics at the end of my second year.

Third year has been my favourite university year so far. Getting the most out of university life by joining a sports team and becoming President of the Business Society, but with exam season now a distant memory I can say it’s definitely been the most stressful one too! However after a pretty chill summer I’m now looking forward to getting back to Dundee and making the most of my final year.



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I'm Stuart, 20 years old and study MA Economics with Spanish. Originally from the west coast of Scotland I moved east to Dundee at 17 so as a final year student I'm here to share my experiences so far and yet to come.

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