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Ok, first blog posts are always difficult to write when you’re not sure about which direction your taking your posts, but I have to start somewhere, so I’ll start by introducing myself. I’m Katie Rebecca Whitham and I applied to Dundee University to do Education MA two years ago (wow, is it really that long ago…). I’m your stereotypical 21 year old girl who read Malory Towers and St Claires as a kid and being from the Highlands of Scotland where NOTHING happens (fact) dreamed of teaching in a school like that. So that’s why I’m at Dundee University and about to embark on my 3rd year in the hopes student life doesn’t give me a complete meltdown..

I am a digital champion vlogger with Girlguiding UK and also have my own teaching blog for the Education course which I regularly update with posts about Education. So you could say I have done my fair share of blogging in my time too and you lucky people will maybe even get a video blog from time to time (you’ll not be that lucky, but I thought I’d big it up a bit). I spend about as much time on my studies as I do my charity work and am excited to be a GirlGuiding advocate, 1 of 18 spokespeople working hard to ensure young people have a voice across the UK. It’s hard work but I look forward to sharing all my adventures with that side of my life on the blog too!

I am a bit Disney crazy as everyone is bound to learn from the way I waffle on about it and spend most of my spare time either heading to the gym, drinking tea or going out for food with my friends. (Ah food… Another passion of mine…). Overall though, I am genuinely loving my course here at Dundee University and that’s me. Katie Rebecca!

KRW. x

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I am a stereotypical 22 year old girl from the Highlands of Scotland who really loves tea. I am studying MA in Education and loving every single second of my course. When not studying (pffft..) I work with Girlguiding as a digital champion vlogger, peer educator and advocate. My posts will be random and about all manor of different things!

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