A Journey: A Level Results Day to Moving In

If you’re an A Level student thinking about applying to Dundee or any Scottish university, or just interested, here I share my experiences over the last two weeks.

Results Day

My results day was smooth, simple and successful. I found out I’d been accepted by Dundee quite early which was such a relief. Soon after, I picked up my results from my sixth form, with which I was very pleased! I’d had quite a long and stressful year, as most students will understand, and felt it was all worth it knowing the end result. From around 8am-10am my phone was blowing up! I was getting calls, texts and various notifications left, right and centre from friends and family, wishing me good luck. It was only later on when I realised I had just over two weeks to organise everything for moving in! For comparison, there were just under four weeks between SQA results day and the moving in weekend at Dundee this year, and between five and seven weeks between A Level results day and the different moving in weekends in English universities. So this is when the stress set in.

To Do Lists?

My favourite way to deal with stressful situations is to make a to do list and complete every task one by one. In the first few days after results day, I received many emails from Dundee with plenty of tasks to complete, so of course, I made a to do list. Here’s a quick example of some things you might have to do during the lead up to moving in and matriculation:

  • Pre-matriculation tasks
  • Upload an ID photo
  • Gather all necessary documents for matriculation
  • Make a ‘to buy’ list for your room

With such little time to complete these tasks, it’s a good idea to keep on top of everything you have to do so you feel as prepared as you can for moving in and matriculation. I used this list from The Student Room to make sure I bought/gathered all the items I needed before moving in which made me feel a whole lot more at ease.

Moving In

Moving in was far easier and less stressful than I’d imagined. Once we’d packed the car and travelled up to Dundee, it only took a couple of hours to get my keys and get unpacked. Making my room a home away from home is an ongoing process but I reckon once this week is over and I’ve used all the vouchers and freebies scattered all over my desk I’ll probably give it a bit of a makeover and make it feel more like home!

I hope any A Level students can read this and feel more prepared for the short gap between results day and moving in day!

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