Friendship at Uni

My first two weeks at Dundee have felt like starting a new school, having to introduce myself so often and start afresh with new people that I’ve never met before. So, after two weeks of practice, here are some of my tips on how to break the ice when making new friends at uni!

  1. I can almost guarantee that you’ll be asked by every new person you meet ‘what are you studying?’, ‘where are you from?’ and ‘what brought you to Dundee?’ so having some witty answers to these questions would be a really easy way to break the ice. For example, making a joke about where you’re from or what you’re studying involving some sort of stereotype will make anyone laugh!
  2. Go to as many events as you can fit in! Day time events are just as important as the amazing nights out at the union, so make the most of them. You can go along with your flatmates or other new friends to get to know them better or just go on your own and chat to as many people as will listen to you.
  3. Group chats are a great way to find people before you even get to uni and a great tool once you’re here to meet up with people before events or go out together. Try your best to find people in your flat or on your course before you come to uni on Facebook and get into plenty of group chats so you make early connections!
  4. Be yourself and be open about your interests. It’s so much easier to make friends when you have something in common, but how would you find out if you had anything in common if you weren’t open about your interests? Joining sports teams and societies is one of the easiest ways to meet people with similar interests to you and I highly recommend it, so just go for anything that interests you.
  5. Come to uni with an open mind about the people you will meet here. Uni is a diverse and accepting community full of people with completely different life experiences to you, so be willing to listen as well as tell others about you and your life, and you’ll be making friends in no time!

I hope my tips help anyone just starting uni to make some new friends, and anyone applying to uni or thinking about doing so: I hope I’ve helped you see that making friends here is so easy and fun!

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