A New Life

It’s always weird moving to a completely new place for even a week.

You know what’s even more difficult?¬†Moving to a whole new country on a completely different part of the world!

This is my story of moving to Dundee and my first two weeks settling in!

Airports have always had a tremendous dramatic effect on me. It’s the fault of all those dramatic movies who always somehow use airports as a major plot point. But, whatever it may be, I love them! They’re like portals to going anywhere in the world, aren’t they? You could hop on a plane and be in Brazil. Or hop on the plane on the next gate and land in Australia! Doesn’t it seem fascinating? Maybe it’s just me!

But, my destination was fixed. It had been for months. And eventually, the day came. I boarded the flight and soon enough, I was in cloudy ole Edinburgh.

If there’s one thing you’ll realise coming into Edinburgh, it’s the people. I must’ve said “Good Morning” to maybe 20 people before I got out of the airport. They all seemed so nice and polite. Even the people on the tram station were kind enough to help with my two (extraordinarily) large suitcases. I was already in love with the people. And tired. Definitely tired.

But, when you’re looking out from the window at a (rare) sunny Scotland, you’re bound to be mesmerised. It was majestic. The fields, the houses, the ocean! Everything was picturesque. If only I had battery left in my phone to click pictures, eh?

And then, I was on the Tay Rail bridge glancing over Dundee. The first thing that popped in my mind was, funnily enough, “OMG they were right! It really is a sunnier part of the UK”

The cab driver for my journey from the train station to my accommodation genuinely gave me the most in-depth verbal tour of Dundee. In FIVE minutes. I was mightily impressed because he told me everything. Where to find the best food, the best Indian food, groceries, clothes, coffee, bedsheets, etc. He probably had so much information, that I should’ve noted some of it down!

Then I moved into my room, rested for a while and tried recollecting what the cab-driver said and went out to get some stuff.

Over the next few days, everyone was helpful enough in getting me settled. Being a late arrival, the enquiry centre and the International admissions team made my matriculation process flawless. Even the adviser of studies and other lecturers were always gracious enough and quick enough to help me with any difficulties I had in week one.

Overall, it’s been nothing short of perfect; these two weeks in Dundee. The people, the weather, the societies, the events, everything has been fun. I’m looking forward to my next few weeks exploring Dundee and writing about that!

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