Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey

I’m now officially a little more than a month into my program, and so far it’s pretty much all I hoped it would be, if not better. Nerd alert.

In my recent memory, I don’t think I have ever enjoyed taking as many notes as I have (50+ pages at the 

Give me a face, Seymour.

moment, I’ll panic over that fact later).  Being able to study course matter that is actually interesting instead of ‘course requirements’ (holla to any fellow frustrated north american students) has been fantastic. Anyone taken a class where you just sat there, really wondering what the hell you were doing there? And why you were paying for it? (Required language courses, to be “well rounded”). As I’ve not written it in yet, I’ll hopefully be completing my Masters in Science and Engineering, focusing on Forensic Facial Identification.

It’s as awesome as it sounds. I have no shame and I am so excited.

There’s so much more freedom to learn at my own pace than I had previously- by this point in my undergrad, I definitely would have been up to my neck in midterm exams, excessive paper proposals and plenty of anxiety. Ahhhhh, memories.  Not that anxiety isn’t part in parcel with the idea of school and learning itself, but that freedom thing? Helps. (Until, ya’know, it doesn’t.)


With freedom comes time, and procrastination with  it.  Wibbly wobbly, timey-wimey and all that – the Doctor had it right. On one hand, so much time! On the other hand, so. much. time. So much time to possibly procrastinate 2.5 months of work until the last second, but as an International student, I have a lot riding on being here, so I’m trying to stay ahead as well as I can while still enjoying the fact that I’m in Scotland.

Education here has been a better experience than I’ve been privy to for a long time, and I can’t express properly in words the amount of gratitude I feel to be able to experience university in this way.  Learning new things and having new experiences, while wonderful, can take a lot out of a person, and I had a lot of apprehension before I came here for my Master’s degree.  Luckily I’m in the programme of my dreams, I have some of the best teachers available to help me, and mentally I’m all-in and ready to go.  

Not only are my professors talented and well-versed in their respective fields, but they have given us, their students, the impression that they are invested in us, and care about how we navigate their course. And if anyone wants to be both completely frightened and inspired, attend a lecture by Professor Dame Sue Black.

You’ll join the Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification before you knew what even happened.


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