I love autumn. This is no secret. With everything going on at uni and all the pressures around me, it feels amazing to just step back for a minute and spend some time enjoying this wonderful time of year. It doesn’t quite match my love for Christmas, but that Buble album really can’t be topped! So why is it for me the most relaxing time of the year?


  • Bonfire night

I’m slightly biased, because my birthday is on bonfire night. But who doesn’t love the whole grabbing a scarf, hat and gloves, putting on your warmest coat and standing outside with your friends and family to toast marshmallows, wave a sparkler around like a crazy person (even though your mum always tells you to be careful with it) and watching the fireworks. Although it can be freezing standing in the cold for that long, it leaves everyone with wonderful memories to share and for me loads of birthday cake to munch on.

  • Halloween

Whether you’re staying in to listen to the kids tell you rubbish jokes or dressing up yourself to go to a party, everyone can find some kind of enjoyment out of Halloween. I always love carving the pumpkins, making pumpkin pie and filling up on sugar in front of Gilmore Girls after the night is over. But, the films set at Halloween are the best! Anyone remember Halloweentown? Well it’s a must watch every year in my household and I highly recommend that you watch it at some point this season. It is a throwback and a half for some and for others it’s a total game changer.

  • Pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING

Lattes, Frappuccino’s, candles, soap and pie. You name it, I love it. Autumn is that time of year where I start bringing out the candles and driving my boyfriend mad with the smell of pumpkin and cinnamon everywhere in my flat. Starbucks gets busier from day one of them announcing the year long wait being over for that glorious sip of PSL. This year they have even released phone cases, teaming up with skinny dip just to keep the public happy with their pumpkin obsession. And finally, my OBSESSION with the bath and body works pumpkin products. Unfortunately, you can’t get them to deliver here but luckily for us we can get their products on amazon/ebay from time to time if you can’t get over to America or Canada to keep your stock pile up to date. For me and mum, October 1st is the day where we will put out our hand foaming soaps and we’ll keep them out till we put out the Christmas ones! Honestly, we are bath and body works mad and I can’t recommend their products enough!

  • Going for autumn walks

There’s nothing better than putting on your warm jackets, boots and heading out into the crisp autumn weather for a walk. Not only is it a well needed break most of the time from studying but it’s also the only time of the year that you see the gorgeous orange, yellow and red leaves falling from the trees. Even better still, there are no wasps or flies buzzing around you like in the summer and it’s not so cold that you need about 6 layers to not get frostbite from the bitterly cold Dundee winter winds.

  • It’s now socially acceptable for me to start wearing oversized woolly jumpers. Enough said.
  • Clocks go back

I challenge and judge anyone who doesn’t admit to loving that extra hour in bed. As students we don’t get enough sleep (fact) so an extra hour sleep time is just golden. Shutting the curtains to the world and knowing you can snuggle up on the sofa with a blanket and a hot chocolate is something which is just a bit too hot to do in summer (unless I’m back home in the highlands where we don’t get sunlight and its always freezing) and feels fantastic.


So although you may not love autumn quite to the same extent I do, everyone has their favourite parts to each season. Please share your favourite parts of autumn with me by commenting below. Enjoy your autumn!



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I am a stereotypical 22 year old girl from the Highlands of Scotland who really loves tea. I am studying MA in Education and loving every single second of my course. When not studying (pffft..) I work with Girlguiding as a digital champion vlogger, peer educator and advocate. My posts will be random and about all manor of different things!

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