A day in the life of a year 2 Medical student

  • 16 October 2017, 08:21

Last year, I wrote a post about my day as a year 1 medical student. And from the looks of it, seems like a lot of you enjoyed it and thank you for stopping me in Ninewells to tell me how informative the post was! That’s why I do this. So, to carry on that tradition, I am gonna write another post but this time of a year 2 student who has decided to take on more responsibilities then he could handle. So here it goes:

So…. I wake up at around 7.30 am, ok, 7.45am actually then get ready to start my day with a bowl of oats and off I go to the bus stop from my new home, slightly further away from the main university campus but still close to amenities (what I tell myself). Then after a quick 10 min bus ride, I reach my second home, NINEWELLS! And thus starts 4 mindblowing hours of fun and engaging tutorials and lectures. The knowledge I get makes me a better person every day……just kidding! After 4 hours of meticulously long lectures and tutorials, I soldier on to the café in the fifth floor to heat my food and eat it.

I give myself 10 to 15 min break from the crowd and the school and then back in I go to finish off the second half of my day (yes, my day hasn’t end yet). After another fun filled 2 to 3 hours of lesson my day ends and I go back home to read on some lectures and revise….just kidding!! After school ends, I had to head back home directly to get changed to start on some work (had an assignment due) then around 6 pm I had my dinner and started prepping for Mid-autumn festival! You read it correctly, as the external relations officer of the Dundee Singapore Society, I was part of a team involved in the planning and execution of the mid-autumn festival. Of course, we couldn’t have done it without the help of our awesome DUSA comm (shout out to all you there!).

We were expected to help in the booth and some of the food put out that day. Before I go on any further, apologies for all those who didn’t get a chance to taste the mooncake. I was one of the few who didn’t get to eat one this year…..(wink wink dusa?) well, at least the performances and watermelons made up for the lack of mooncakes


. But not forgetting the people! I mean, we got to see so many of our friends and so many new faces! Isn’t that what mid-autumn festival is all about? NO! It’s about mooncake! Hahahah


Anyway, it was 9.30 pm by now and I had a choice to either go back home and study or go out with my small group from med school? Where did you all think I would have gone too? Well, you guessed it right! I chose the night out over studying (sorry mum!) So off I went to my friends place and oh god, did I make the right choice or what! Not going into too many details, we had an awesome night, and went back home at around 1 am in the morning, to rest before I start another day! Sigh…….


It might seem to be a pretty full day, well that’s because it is! But now this is my normal. I seem to have lesser time to revise and do other things in general. Its either I am at home studying during whatever time I have or I am out doing SingSoc related stuff. Well its not like, I am complaining about how busy and full of stull my life is…but just thought I should let my juniors know, it will get harder. But what I tell myself is that it’s only this year that I can do this. Year 3 of medicine I would never spend my time like this. My time will become far more precious by then. But that’s for some other time to think about and to post about. Let it come when did does. That is pretty much my life motto as of now.

Reflection of Week 5

Though it might seem my life is dull and just work all day every day, I have never once stopped myself to reconsider my choice of course. And I believe that’s the kind of attitude which will get you through anything in med school or anywhere for that matter of fact. I still stand by my choice and every day the excitement of learning something new is what gets me up every morning. I hope you too feel that about your course! Till my next post, #udou

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Photo Courtesy: DUSA the Union FB page, SingSoc FB page, various google resources
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