A day in the life of a Singaporean! – All Scots Weekend 2017!!

  • 5 November 2017, 01:21

So now that we are in early November, it was time for another Singaporean meetup this time organised by the UKSSC (United Kingdom Singaporean Student Council) and supported by our very own Dundee University Singaporean Society (DUSG). The event was a great success and both societies received praises from so many different sources. All of this would not have been possible without the help our very own DUSA, who had helped DUSG in every step along the way!

The event was organised with the aim to get all the Singaporeans living in Scotland to come together and to get to know each other, and of course have fun while we do that. The event was a 3-day 2-night event organised in both St Andrews and Dundee! We started off the event with warm and cozy campfire in East Sands beaches of St Andrews while we had smores and pizza; enjoying each other’s company and getting to know new people. After that, everyone came over to Dundee to stay in the houses of our very own DUSG members who so kindly opened their houses (after being bribed with a discount, haha).

Day 2 started off with a walk up to Dundee law! Something no visitor should miss out on. Then we had a wonderful meal then off to the next fun segment to our day – the All Scots Weekend Sports Day! We had teams from 5 different schools competing against each other – Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen and St Andrews. After a very tough fight, the Dundee team and Glasgow team tied, and the Glasgow team won overall winner due to a technical win! Never faced by failures, Dundonians remained to be their warm and hospitable selves, and we had an amazing dinner together as one big Singaporean family!

Then came the fun part of the evening, with the help of DUSA, we had changed the ‘Air Bar’ into a Singaporean themed party room! And my god, was that fun! Seemed like everyone enjoyed themselves very much! After a long hard day of playing and trekking everyone deserved a night out in #fundee. The next day though, everyone a bit hangover woke up at around 11 and we all had meal together in Magdaleen Green and from there we had to bid farewell to our friends from the different schools!


My DUSG comm! who made it all possible!

It was hard to say goodbye at first, but we knew we now had a stronger bond then before and that’s all that matters!


Reflections of Week 8
It was very stressful the past couple of weeks trying to coordinate everything and everyone but the moment they came till everyone left, everyone had so much fun that it was all worth it at the end! I would do it again if I could, but it was really too much work so probably not! But surely the DUSG committee will keep the tradition going! Till my next post, #udou!

For more information on other activities organised by the DUSG, please head to our FB page or our website dundeesingsoc.com

For more information on activities and all things about UKSSC, please head to their FB page or their website ukssc.org


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