Day in the Life: Follow the Fresher

7.30am. My alarm goes off, and compared to the 4am wake-up from yesterday to go for a sunrise surf (there were no waves, but top marks for dedication right?) this is a very calm start of the day. The rising sun turns my room orange. I get up to make porridge with blueberries and eat this in the morning sun. I’ll be forever spoiled after living with a view like this. I’m even getting used to the carpet 😉 I have a coffee and somehow still have to hurry to class even though it’s literally a three minute walk.

Wednesday is my favourite day in terms of lectures because I have the Poison Pen module: a module dedicated, as the name implies, to poisons and the ways they’ve been used in literature. Slightly morbid, entirely fascinating. Almost every week we meet a new lecturer with a different background, which makes for dynamic classes in which we discuss topics ranging from basic pharmacology of toxins to the credibility of poisons deaths in the Sherlock Holmes books. Also it’s taught in DJCAD and even though everybody else seems to think it’s a concrete monstrosity I secretly love its brutalist bulkiness.

Three hours go by quicker than in any other lecture. I run back home to eat ALL THE TOAST, then head out again almost immediately to the Union to meet with my team for the Enterprise Challenge to quickly go over our business plan before we have the actual workshop in the evening. All of us are quite passionate about the environment and this is the central theme of our concept (and I don’t think I’m supposed to reveal the rest. Yet. But it’s going to be great.) Everybody is busy, so we wrap it up quickly and go back to what we have to do.

When I’m in a lecture I realise how much studying I should actually do and it’s very organised in my head, but as soon as I set foot outside my brain’s like “WHOO FREEDOM” and the realisation is gone quicker than New Year’s resolutions. But this is no high school, and there is no homework, just a mountain of different resources from which you are free to pick as long as you have the required understanding by the time you’re tested. So planning is key. I spend my afternoon studying in my room, feeling cozy with a big bowl of vegetable soup and my fairy lights twinkling away in the windowsill – welcome winter.

At 5 it’s time to get going again – off to the Elevator building where the Enterprise Challenge is hosted. If you’re interested in ever starting your own business, I really recommend signing up for it; over the course of one semester, you meet weekly for workshops which are led by a different entrepreneur every session, so you get lots of insights into the practical side of starting up and running a business, and by the end of every session you actually get to put your new skills to use on a fictional or real business plan. The workshop today is about pitching your idea to a jury, which I find mildly terrifying. It ends with pizza (need I say more, go sign up for next semester) and after that I’m actually really tired, but the day isn’t over; I’ve a final mission to complete.

I meet my friend to go to the rucksack club social. We were too late to sign up for all the previous trips and this week, we’re dead set on securing a spot and heading into the mountains on the weekend. We’re very pleased when we get our name on the list, ready for a nice day trip to Creag Meagaidh, pretending we know how to pronounce that.

Of course that’s before we see the weather forecast. A balmy -4 °C predicted, but the breeze it’ll feel like -10 °C. Nah, I say, can’t be true, it probably won’t be that bad.

It actually SNOWED. But more on that in a separate post because despite the Arctic temperatures it was amazing.

And that concludes my day! More soon on feeling like a hobbit in the Highlands.

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